about.the.motherThe biggest question on the minds of most How I Met Your Mother fans is simple… Who is the mother? Considering the response, let’s consider part one of this the article: About the Mother from How I Met Your Mother, I talked about what we know through Season 3.  With that as a reference, Let’s take another look at the mystery of the mother. (ps, I’ve closed comments on the old post 650+ is too much to read.)


FUN Facts (let’s have fun with these):

  • She was in the Economics 305 class, when Ted gives his Architecture lecture. (ref. s05e01, “Definitions” )
  • She was at the St. Patty’s day party where Ted was being a jerk and originally found the Yellow Umbrella (ref. s03e12 “No Tomorrow”)
  • She is Cindy’s (Rachel Bilson) room mate (ref. s05e12 “Girls vs. Suits” )
  • The mom now has her Yellow Umbrella back (ref. s05e12 “Girls vs. Suits” )
  • He doesn’t wait days to call (ref. s04e21 “Three Days Rule” )
  • Ted says he meets her the wedding from the Season 6 Premier. We know he is the best man at eh wedding and that it starts to rain and he forgot his umbrella. No mention of whose wedding, but it’s truly a big day. (ref. s06e01 “Big Days” )
  • Ted has not met her before “Lucky Penny”. Ted says his destiny was to stay in NY because if he hadn’t he never would have met their mother, while showing a wedding glimpse. (ref. s02e15 “Lucky Penny”)


  • The bump girl. During “No Tomorrow” Ted goes to the St. Patty’s day party and happens to have shared look with a black haired girl he bumps into. We know from Ted that the mother was at the party and we assume that it was indeed her umbrella he picked up the next day (s05e12 “Girls vs. Suits” ). It’s definitely not impossible, however improbable that out of all the girl’s there it was EXACTLY her!.  Some fan’s feel she was a Red Herring in case the series was canceled, other feel it’s too obvious to be nothing. Either way, that’s all we know.
  • Her name is Tracy. No one says it’s the girls he talks to at the end of Belly Full of Turkey, just the name that Ted mentions is significant. I know it’s a long shot but I still like the Tracy Theory. (ref. s01e09 “Belly Full of Turkey” )
  • Ted’s Perfect Match is the Mother. Ted never actually meets his match in the Season 1 Episode “Milk” and coincidentally some of the qualities mentions are the same as Rachel’s roommate in “Girls vs. Suits”. With that in mind a lot of fans believe since we’ve never seen her then it could in fact be the match. Plus they blur our her face, so there’s that. (ref. s01e21 “Milk”, s05e12 “Girls vs. Suits” )
  • The Kid’s aren’t Ted’s or Ted isn’t telling the story. First off, that’s just insane.  While I admire your creativity, there are too many reference to cite here.
  • Coat check girl or Wendy the Waitress are the mother. Both these theories were started as “confirmed” jokes in interviews by the Creators of HIMYM.
  • The Mother is Zoey’s Sister/step-daughter. This is a new one and not much info to go on. The only question I would ask has to do with age. The toy that Zoey had for the step daughter in Blitzgiving looked to be for a smaller child. The sister angle I’ve got nothing for. (ref. s06e10 “Blitzgiving” )

Notable Ladies:

The short version of this is that if Ted has met (knows them, etc..) they are not the mother since he meets her for the first time at the wedding shown in Big Days. Despite that, more for the fun of it, let’s run down a few gals.

  • Robin. Robin is not the Mother. We learn this in the first episode and it is reconfirmed countless times in all  seasons. No matter how much people “want it to happen” It’s not let’s quit wasting space and thought on it. The kids even say “ Aunt Robin?” “I thought this was how you met mom.” (ref. s1e01 “Pilot”, and too many other to name)
  • Victoria. She was great, most everyone loved Victoria and it would have been nice. A lot of fans want to see her back and while it hasn’t been a confirmed or denied, she isn’t the mother. Ted made it very clear how bad of an idea long distance was and the relationship came to a close (Ted: It didn’t work.) Also let this serve as a reminder…when it’s after 2 a.m., just go to sleep. (ref. s01e16 “Cupcake” )
  • Stella. She is important to the story but the mother she is not. Stella left Ted at the altar and married her daughter’s father. There are several episodes that prove it’s not Stella, but topper for them all was the moment we say the possible flash forward with blonde kids. (ref. s04e05 “Shelter Island” )
  • Natalie (Return of the Shirt), Dr. Sara O’Brein (Matchmaker), the Slutty Pumpkin, Trudy (Pineapple Incident & Third Wheel), Mary the Paralegal, Coat Check Girl (OK Awesome) First off all of these girls were gorgeous so it’s a shame we don’t get to see them any more. Ted say they plainly were not about a few and if not they are all Pre-Lucky Penny.
  • Karen. Ted’s College Girlfriend. Lilly and Marshall Hate her. She is a Grinch! She fails the Front Porch Test (s04e17) and the kids look nothing like her.
  • Cindy. While she was in Econ 305, Ted made it very clear she was the roommate of the future mom, not the mother.
  • Wendy the Waitress. I just wanted to mention her again because Charlene Amoia is awesome. True Story
  • Zoey. He has met her way before the wedding in Big Days, and while she might be important to the story that alone should exclude her. Further more, she’s blonde and remember the possible future scene with Stella from Shelter Island? Want more? She met Ted before the Wedding and She was not Cindy’s roommate, I also would bet she wasn’t in the economics class.

So there you have it, the most concise “Who could the mother be” list in existence. What say ye?