beawesomeinstead hearts WGNA

So because I’m a worthless slacker, I never told you all how my trip to New York courtesy of WGNA went. Furthermore, I won’t say much other than the people at WGNA are amazing! It was extremely cool that even I could feel like a celebrity for even a brief...

The Exploding Meatball Sub Promo

So after another few weeks of How I Met Your Mother hiatus, thanks to some athletic event on tv, we’re back. Looks like we get to see more of the Ted & Zoey story even though we all know where it’s gonna end. Watch the promo, what do you expect from...

Not Even Ted Knows Who the Mother Is

Well, the title is misleading I admit…sorry. Either way, found a great AP video of Josh Radnor talkign about HIMYM running jokes, set’s and not knowing who the mother is. Enjoy

Katy Perry on HIMYM Promo

So I’ll keep quited on my initial thoughts becasue HIMYM writers/cast/crew have won me over with this promo video. What are your thoughts on Katy Perry’s guest spot on HIMYM?

HIMYM Song Medley. It’s Legendary!

This is… wait, not enough build up. In a world where talent is so available because social media put it everywhere. Fans can do some amazing things. Take this video of Ryan Narciso (twitter: @ryannarciso). I consider this awesome X awesome. That’s right...