So because I’m a worthless slacker, I never told you all how my trip to New York courtesy of WGNA went. Furthermore, I won’t say much other than the people at WGNA are amazing! It was extremely cool that even I could feel like a celebrity for even a brief moment. The crew and other HIMYM Super Fans were amazing but I really want to offer the highest of fives to Josh and Martin. These guys were Legendary. True Story. I also enjoyed meeting and hanging out with Heather who runs the HIMYM Wikia, Tally who you better know at LivetoTivo on Youtube, and Ryan (ryan narciso on youtube). Also, Ryan and I made an exchange of sorts…his album The Key in echange for an Awesomeness Poster, excellent trade btw. So with that said…let me share a few of the awesome videos WGNA did, I’ll pump some more later in our Season 1 Summer recaps…also check them out on facebook, twitter & youtube!