Neil Patrick Harris Gets Star On Walk Of Fame

Congrats to NPH who got a start on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Today… is it just me or is this an unintentional photobomb by Jason Segel? I love Segel in the back of this but it would have been hilarious to have Nathan Fillan photobomb the moment, intentional or otherwise.

And look at that you beautiful bastard, You Suited Up!

Congrats Neil!


the Suit Up Motivational Poster



So we already know that people seem to love Barney Stinson’s motivational posters from How I Met Your Mother…but there is more to Barney than just that. Especially the catch phrases. Legen-dary, High Five, Say What, Please and True Story…but the one we associate best with Barney? Suit Up! ..well that or any of the many variations, like:

Snowsuit Up!
Birthday suiting Up!
Slut Up!
Spacesuit up!
You are suited in an unmistakably upward direction!

So other than a great suit what else do you need to show people that you are different from the millions of t-shirt and jeans lemmings out there. How about Suit Up poster.  I’ve also decided to start adding a new motivational poster to the Be Awesome Instead Store at least every month. And this month is inspired entirely by Barney. I also felt this poster was so legendary that I needed a vertical and a horizontal version. For now I only have the large sizes but I plan to add more soon.

Get yours  at the Be Awesome Instead Store and check back often for more updates and new poster’s and shirts.


International Suit Up Day – October 13, 2010

Thanks for visiting! While you are getting prepared to Suit Up take some time and browse the site! We talk HIMYM every week and would love to have you be apart of the community! Now SUIT UP!

also…there is a more recent notice of suit up day:

I feel that new holidays inspired by How I Met Your Mother were inevitable. I mean I think everyone should celebrate Slapsgiving, but that’s pretty closely tied with the previously known holiday, Thanksgiving. I tell you this because many of you may have forgotten. And while it’s not nearly as possible and traceable as Festivus, I still love the premise of the holiday. So without any further ramblings, I give you “International Suit Up Day.”

International Suit Up Day (ISUD) is celebrated on October 13th of each year.  On this day, suit up in honor of How I Met Your Mother, and Barney Stinson, and because suits are awesome…

For more information and to confirm your participation, visit the ISUD facebook event page. I’ll remind you again when it get’s close but I would love to see some pics of how you chose to suit in an upward direction!

Got pics of you suiting up on October 13th? Post them on this post:

Need a Suit Up Poster? Check the Store