New Posters in the Be Awesome Instead Store

For all the fan’s of Barney’s office posters, I’ve made some size additions to the store. In addition to the 16” x 20” version of the Awesomeness and Perfection posters there is now for you’re wall hanging pleasure a 23” x 35” version of each! I hope to start adding a poster every other month or so so keep checking back. You can find a listing of the one’s already available online in this post: Barney Stinson Poster Collection. I try to keep the info on that pretty up to date.

To give you a hint on the next updated poster, I’ll just say if you are different you might be left out in the cold! Check out the Be Awesome Instead Store for more info and to see what’s available!

awesomeness perfection

Barney Stinson’s Christmas List

from Barney’s Blog. It’s Legendary


I love the Boeing F-22 Raptor Fighter Jet… helps explain a lot of Barney’s Office Posters. Also B…if your reading, feel free to stop by and try our my drum set sometime.

the Awesomeness Poster

How I Met Your Mother

Did anyone happen to catch the shot of Barney’s “Awesomeness” motivational poster on the season premier (Season 3, for those of you counting) of CBS’s How I Met Your Mother? I have been waiting for a clear shot of this poster since it was first mentioned in season 1. I’ve even photoshopped up some Awesomeness motivational posters that I was considering putting have put on (yes, a shameless plug).

The poster on Barney’s office wall was definitely not in the same position as season 1…Not that I am that retentive about details. Anyways, I’ll see if I can get some more details off the poster from the show. It looked like the photo was of a F16 fighter plane I had trouble making out any of the words other than “AWESOMENESS”. The episode was really good to…I’m glad it’s time for the new shows again. If anyone else has clues on this do let me know.


UPDATE: For those of you who have not seen any more info on this check out my newer post: All You Ever Want to Know About the Awesomeness Poster. P.S.- Yes, I know it comes with the Season 2 DVD and yatta, yatta, the other post.