Thursdays Need Motivation – Potential

Due to lack of motivation (at my job and otherwise)…today’s (de-)motivational poster come from flick where it was apparently scanned from the original poster… at least maybe. Either way, how true this is.

Enjoy. Be motivated. Find a better job…whatever.


I found this on flickr here.

Ironically enough… the comment on my insult a day calender today was supposedly on a federal government employee performance evaluation and says:

I would not allow this employee to breed.

Thursdays Need Motivation – Patience


Today’s poster comes from flickr user rgdaniel. I think work makes me feel like this quite often…I won’t name any names but they can guess who they are. The sentiment of this poster is truly awesome though.

Enjoy and Happy Thursday.

Here is a link to the original flickr page.

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