Top 25 Television One Liners Insults

old_televisionBack in February of 2008, Radio Times came up with a list of their 25 favorite tv show one liners.  I know I miss things but this one bears repeating. Also notice that Scrub’s Dr. Cox (John McGinley) made the list at #20. I think he has had better insults but they usually fit in the “rant” column. Enjoy.

1. Basil Fawlty, John Cleese, Fawlty Towers

Sybil: “Don’t shout at me, I’ve had a difficult morning.”

Basil: “Oh dear, what happened? Did you get entangled in the eiderdown again? Not enough cream in your éclair? Hmm? Or did you have to talk to all your friends for so long that you didn’t have time to perm your ears?”

2. Mrs Merton, Caroline Aherne, The Mrs Merton Show