Given the nature of this post…and how some people feel about spoilers I’m going to leave some space here before we get started. I’d also like to mention I consider them to be more teasers than spoilers for the most part. So when/if you are ok with things then scroll down…otherwise see you Monday September 20th for the Season 6 premier of How I Met Your Mother.


Just a side note…I’ll be updating this all season long!








great, so now that we are alone, how you doing? Good summer? I’m definitely craving me some HIMYM. An with that, here is what’s floating around about Season 6:

  • Rachel Bilson (aka, the Mother’s room mate, Cindy) return in the Season Premier. Where will we see her? Why at our favorite bar, MacLaren’s.  Does this mean the mom will be in that mix to? No word, but what I do know it… (source: Ausiello Files)…btw, did anyone else love her in NBC’s Chuck?
  • Show creators, Bays and Thomas have been talking this summer and probably the biggest news I’ve heard comes from Thomas,

    “That trick that we’ve done for five years — ‘Is this one the mother?’ — we’re going to put that trick to bed,” Thomas said. “You’re going to learn some stuff in Episode 1 that sort of ends that particular gimmick.”

    So many thoughts here honestly. Does that mean they will reveal who she is or just blow away all the theories? IF they reveal, then obviously that’s not the end since everyone is under contract till Season 8…I’m excited about the news her but what do you think?

  • This one may be huge: reports (and sources confirm) that the September. 20th opener will feature a… we… wait for it… dding! A wedding! The who-what-where-when-why of said nuptials remain under the tightest of wraps, but pair this with earlier news and come to your own conclusion.
  • Ted’s nemesis will have “a significant arch this season”. She…that’s right she will be a preservationist and have something to do with Ted’s job building the new Goliath National Bank. Motherish? Not for sure but I would assume she’s important for a reason and as a plus Ted will hopefully spend a lot more time with Barney and Marshall thanks to the GNB project.
  • Ted and Robin aren’t necessarily over (please! why? fact I’m not even going to speak more to that)
  • Barney and Robin aren’t necessarily over either. Thomas and Bays said if they had to do it all over again, they’d have kept Barney and Robin together longer. Part of the problem was that the writers had penned a lot of episodes in advance. By the time they saw the chemistry that Cobie Smulders and Neil Patrick Harris had as Barney and Robin, they’d already put the couple on the path to a breakup.
  • A baby? Marshall and Lily are definitely in baby mode this year and it affects the season a lot. Whether this means a season of trying or we will see a kid who knows, but B&T say by the end of the season lives will change.
  • Hopefully no longer sitcommy. According to a lot of fan’s I talked to they felt that the show really lost focus and direction during Season 5. there were a lot of one off episodes without any real direction toward finding the mother or anything else. Now some of these same fans loved episodes like “Girls vs. Suits” and “Doppelgangers”…some people, despite having descent points, just like to complain. All this to say, the creators said two things that I really liked one is the vow that “Ted will be absolutely un-douchey this year.” And secondly that, “I hope no one will throw the word ‘sitcommy’ at us after Season 6.”
  • Barney’s Dad. Barney will accept that his father is not Bob Barker and he will look for his real father. According to Craig Thomas,“If we do it right, Neil will have a hard time picking his Emmy episode.” Bays says, “I think we can say that Barney’s going to grow up this year in an entertaining way.”
  • Robin Sparkles. A third installment in the Robin Sparkles saga; they’re trying to get Alan Thicke back for it. It will involve the failed TV show mentioned in “The Rough Patch” that Robin Sparkles hosted in Canada — with her showbiz partner, Glitter. Thomas and Bays are writing a song for Sparkles and Glitter. “We talked about it being a safety warning about thin ice,” Thomas said.
  • Robin get’s a new co-host at Metro News 1 played by Laura Bell Bundy.
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