How accurately did ‘The Burning Beekeeper‘ sync up, when you layer each five-minute scene over the other? Pretty close, but not perfectly.

I may not have as high praise for the latest episode of How I Met Your Mother as our resident reviewer Ivey, but I admit I was intrigued at the filming style. Neil Patrick Harris even Tweeted that the scene from the kitchen timer’s start until the fiery end was exactly the same length. So how well did everything match up?

As it turns out, some enterprising bloke took it upon themselves to see how well the scenes merged together. The results are sometimes nearly dead-on, while other times it’s way off — even some of the dialog appears to have changed a tad from scene to scene. Still, it’s pretty fun to watch how the whole thing plays together, room-to-room.

Check it out for yourselves below, before the anti-fun squad come snag the thing away.