Thursday is the day so close to the weekend that you can taste it, but not close enough to make it happen yet. Thursday is the day after “hump day” so you know the bulk of the week is over…but Thursday’s for me anyway, seem to drag… In those moments we all need a little pep talk, a little incentive to keep pushing on…a little motivation… or a little motivational poster!

That is why here at Be Awesome Instead, I have decided to make Thursday the “official” (though not recognized by any governing body as anything other than just “Thursday”) motivational poster day. Every Thursday, I will scour the Internet looking for Motivational (or de-motivational posters) to post here. I’ll do my best to make them desktops but who knows. Many of you already know about the Awesomeness Motivational Poster (I know the post was on a Friday but work with me here people), so I won’t include that one since it is already available on the site. So enjoy and visit again for more. Today’s Motivation comes from John Williams.

direct link to 1600.1200 desktop