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Possible HIMYM Spin Off

According to multiple sites like Entertainment Weekly

EW has confirmed that HIMYM creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas and former Up All Night EP Emily Spivey have pitched a female-led half-hour comedy called How I Met Your Father. Like HIMYM, it would feature a group of friends, be set in New York and chronicle the main character’s quest to meet her future husband. There’s a chance the proposed project might also feature HIMYM icon MacLaren’s Pub.

If the idea is given the greenlight — talks are extremely preliminary — the new slate of characters would likely be introduced in the How I Met Your Mother series finale, according to reports.

Earlier this year, Thomas, speaking to EW for our How I Met Your Mother cover story, admitted that a spin-off possibility was something he and Bays were “thinking about.” “There’s a world where the universe of the show can keep existing in a way that feels coherent to what’s come before, but new enough to be worth watching.”


When I first heard this idea a while ago I thought they we going to do it from The Mother’s perspective which I liked, but it seems like it will be a whole new cast. I’m not sure how I feel. What about you guys?