What a crappy episode…literally I mean. most of the jokes were about poop or pee… The episode it’s self was good. The confetti was a nice touch as well. And for those of you still lost in the pun I started with just let your mind catch up. Better now, great…now that we are all together let’s continue.

Poor Ted. Despite hating it every time he and Robin’s relationship is brought back up (and yes, I do think they were good together but not meant to be together), poor Ted. I mean the pain montage is kind of depressing. It was missing some really painful moments though. I mean, how do you leave Stella & the wedding out of that? and the whole scene where Ted & Lily are talking is important in my mind. We really haven’t seen a lot of development from Lily this season… I mean sure she is a mom, but to be up there with Ted & admit it. Especially when you bring in the aspirations from earlier seasons it really reminds you that they are all developing even if you don’t see it on screen a lot.

Confetti… that was just a hilarious moment. Marshal, Marvin, Ted and Lily. I almost spit up my beer… luckily no beer was lost in the writing of this review.

So let’s make clear a few things we learned about the wedding tonight:

  • May 25, 2013… Official wedding date.
  • Band canceled at the last minute so Cindy and her wife(?) give Ted the referral for the old room mates band.
  • We know the wedding happens and Robin & Barney look happy after…

This leads me to ask a few questions. First off, we see Ted in the train station in Farhampton (ref. s08e01) with his hand bandaged. If all is well at the end, what happens? Is it a classic Smosby toast gone wrong? Also, I thought it was also said there that things don’t go well? Any guesses to be ventured?

If Cindy give’s Ted the mother number (to call for he band) is it conceivable that he talked to her before but never meets her till then?

May 25, 2013 is coming up pretty quick. I’m curious how we fill another season and a half without meeting the mother? On that thought, would you still love HIMYM if we meet her at the end of Season 8 and then get to see a year after up to Ted’s wedding? I’m here for the ride so either way is find with me. I’m curious what you think?


Legendary Lines

Ted: The problem is, one of us was definitely not happy.

Lily (to Ted…oddly appropriately): I’ma cut you bitch!!

Barney: Vampire in the daylight! Vampire in the daylight!

Robin’s Father (Robin): You should accept my friend request. i post a lot of great stuff.

Robin’s Father (Robin): Grown men are not blonde.

Waiter:  Would either of you like a mudslide
Barney: No thanks I just had one.

Barney: Oh no! Fluffernutter peed all over my pants!

Lily: Holy Confetti

Cindy’s wife: Ted, do you believe in destiny?
Ted: You really don’t know me.


Moments of Awesomeness

  • Robin’s dad on Facebook….so close to home people
  • Poor Ted… His mom’s 5000 word review of 50 Shades of Grey… 15 of those words were ‘vulva’
  • Fluffernutter… love that rabbit and that moment. A name and a back story
  • CIA network bedtime stories
  • Confetti.. nice touch


New Jersey

  • We get the fact that Ted may never get over Robin… and every time you guys bring it back up I still curse at the TV every time.

Lingering Questions

  • Season 9 is now official, but the Wedding date is now officially set in writing on May 25, 2013…what will the rest of Season 8 & 9 look like?
  • We had neither at our wedding but I wish we had a band…. You? Band or DJ?
  • What did you think of the show tonight?