It’s pretty difficult to look back and choose, but this is at very least my favorite episode in a while, if not for the season. I say that not because the story advanced…it didn’t. Not because of Mickey & Judy… dear God no, make it stop. Not because of Barney and Patrice, though that is the most thoughtful, romantic and heartfelt thing Barney may have ever said since Day 1 of the show. I say it because it was hilarious. I like you, would love to know who the mother is, but I gave up on that popping up randomly long ago. I watch How I Met Your Mother to laugh.

     By now you need to understand the show has become about Robin and Barney. Ted and his long story about the mother are nothing more than background at this time. Individually for the most part with Ted, Marshall, Lily and whoever else may show up providing comic relief for the most part. I knew that already when I started watching tonight. Honestly, I felt like tonight’s episode would suck, but by the first few scenes I had changed my mind. What did I love so much about the over-correction? The story, the call back, the quick witted one-liners, the running jokes about borrowing Ted’s stuff… basically the details.

    Let’s talk Barney & Patrice for a second. First off, I really like Ellen Williams, I think she is a great actress and even though she only gets small pieces in HIMYM she does well. I know what we saw in the flash forward and I know that Carter & Craig have said that Robin & Barney’s wedding does take place. So what will happen here? It’s just cruel to use Patrice as a play…and Barney may be a lot of things but I don’t think he is that cruel at all. If Patrice is in on it that’s another story all together, and honestly a possibility, I mean she does want to be Robin’s BFF and swinging this play to make her see the light could be a part of that. Is the relationship in fact an over correction? It’s laid out pretty well as one but Barney’s last statement begs to question was the over correction Barney or Robin. So what part does the Patrice and Barney relationship play, and how will it all end?

    Robin. Poor Robin. You can’t help but just feel awful for her by the end of the episode. On an slightly related/unrelated note, Cobie has looked amazing this year. True Story. Does the intervention hit home and then she plays it straight until things unravel naturally or will it only go to exacerbate the situation? Marshall and Lily were both great tonight. No complaints, only compliments and laughs! Not sure where to stand on the Mickey and Judy “arrangement”… I did laugh at the re-return though.

So what did you think? Love to hear what you think in the comments!

Legendary Lines

Inmate: No you hang up first
Ted: No you hang up first

Marshall: Flounder, I barely know her

Judy Eriksen: You dress like a street walker, but my son seems to like it.

Robin: What if I told you I was looking at your red cowboy boots right now?
Ted: Describe them…
Robin: They are red and they’re cowboy boots
Ted: That’s Them!

Barney: Legen-wait for it…Merry.

Ted: What spilled in here?
Lily: Breast milk.
[Ted hands it back to Lilly.]

Barney: Sometimes you fall for someone you’d never expect, doesn’t make it wrong. Doesn’t everybody deserve to be happy

Robin (concerning the intervention): Please tell me it’s about my drinking?


Moments of Awesomenesstie_tree_The_Over-Correction_himym

  • Weekend at Bernie’s is always awesome. No wonder Robin hasn’t returned it.
  • multiple callbacks on the red cowboy boots
  • the Minnesota Twins… names for boos are always great
  • Bacon gummy bear pancakes… yes please
  • Barney’s Christmas Tree… decorated with ties!
  • "A trout with a daughter has one job, one job, to keep her off the fishing pole." – Marshall, channeling Chris Rock for fish routine…so not funny it’s hilarious.
  • Use your head, vote for Ted t-shirt that Mickey borrowed. In fact I loved all the stuff that were  borrowed: T-shirt, drill, cowboy boots, pocket knife, Rudolph, the mini cooler, label maker, garbage can..
  • "the Wolf" … great nickname for Lily
  • the get psyched mix reference… and more importantly Bon Jovi, maybe he really was in the lobby.
  • another great call back… Barney’s love for Ted’s mom and their "implied" relationship
  • The Bro Code, David Lee Roth’s Crazy From the Heat, the Playbook… seriously, how many hidden compartments with angel music and leather bound books does Barney have?


New Jersey

  • "Borrow-nees"… must agree with Marshall… always bad.
  • I don’t care how romantic it is, you don’t burn the Playbook…it’s probably a rule in the bro code


The Re-Return

Mickey & Judy, get an apology from Marshall and Lily…

Mickey:  who said anything about dating
Judy: This is just about sex…
Mickey: We’re family, with benefits



Lingering Questions

  • Is Barney really happy with Patrice? Truth, over-correction or Play?
  • How do you feel about Robin right now? About Patrice?
  • What would you borrow from Ted Mosby?