How I Met Your Mother Season 7 Music

Part 1

  • music from The Legend of Zelda (plays as Marshall talks with the cash machine)
  • You Were Born by Cloud Cult You Were Born - Light Chasers(playing as baby Marvin “wait for it” Erkisen arrives to the world)

Part 2

This may seem a little odd but for now I’m going to slump these two together . I’ll do my best to keep them separated..but feel free to lump your thoughts together. btw, check back next week as well and I will tell you a story of how I met the set of HIMYM…True Story.

The Magician’s Code, Part 1

I don’t have a lot to say about this episode. It was awesome to see some focus on Marshall & Lily. In fact this may  be the most even episode of the season. Even, in the sense that everyone was involved. What I don’t get is other than the continuation feel of going from one episode to the next, why call it “The Magician’s Code” as well?

I digress. The point of the episode was baby MArvin “Wait For It” Eriksen… that and possibly giving us enough story lines to fill up next season.

Legendary Lines

Robin: Once you see a baby erupt through that canal, you stop even touching yourself…

Lily: I remember that suit, he looked like a little kids imaginary friend.

Robin: That was not cool Ted.
Lily: Contraction!
Robin: That…wasn’t cool Ted?

Old Ted: Kids, sometimes the universe sends you exactly what you act for…other times, it sends you Lily’s dad.

Ted: That head was coming out of your best friend

 Moments of Awesomeness

  • Marshall talking like Yoda
  • the Big Thing?
  • “wait for it” may in fact be the greatest name ever… but my wife said no.
  • lots of great stories to entertain Lily… did they just outline all of Season 8?
  • despite not being a huge fan of Lily’s dad, this may have been the best we have seen of Chris Elliott on HIMYM yet.
  • Marvin “Wait for it” Eriksen

New Jersey

  • Knowing that Barney’s bride was teased so much in the promo, twitter, act…I just want the baby to be born and move on…you knew it would be the last moment of the season. And seriously, baby’s are cute and all but I was over it before it happend. Awesome middle name though.

the ReReturn Moment (despite the fact it was butted up to Part 2)

Marshall goes through the green door to find he had been tricked.

The Magician’s Code Part 2

This finale honestly seemed so intense at moments I had trouble taking notes…so if I missed anything or got it off, just consider that your invitation to fill in the blank. Cool?

Barney. A wedding that that went horribly wrong. That’s what Ted said. So knowing that and seeing who Barney’s bride was/is… is that good or bad news for Robin/Barney fans? And what else do we know about the wedding once we put the pieces together:

  • Barney is the groom
  • Robin is the Bride
  • Ted meets the mother for the first time there
  • Barney questions his choice (not just the actual tie)
  • Ted says it went horribly wrong
  • They probably will have cake…I love cake
Does that lead you to any conclusions? Or just more questions. Since we won’t know that till later…I’m curious if it caught you by surprise? The proposal to Quinn was predictable, not how Barney planned initially it seems but extremely well played out.
Ted. A bigger suprise may have been Ted’s decision with Victoria. The way I figure things…either he is trying to write “The Wedding Bride Part 2” or HIMYM writers got tired of throwing Robin at us and said “What other woman the we have told fans isn’t the mother that we could put Ted back with before the show ends?” I’m not sure they actually, physically said that but when I played it through in my head it had a female voice saying it. Not sure why. Will they be together at Robin & Barney’s wedding? Will there be cake? Did I mention that I love cake?
So much more to take in honestly, I feel like I need to watch it again to get my full thoughts. I’ll make this all for now though and leave my future thoughts in the comments.


Legendary Lines

Marshall: I wonder how much this would hurt

Robin: And you threw it all away for some hot piece of ass
Ted: You mean you
Robin: Aww, Thank you.

Ted: click. photo burn

Marshall: 8 or higher bro

Barney: Last chance to run away together…

 Moments of Awesomeness

  • Robin dropping relationship knowledge on Ted.
  • Overhead camera that zooms in on whoever is being the loudest
  • Victoria in a wedding dress
  • Marshall’s love of weddings… nice touch.
  • While Robin wasn’t as much of a surprise, the Victoria moment came out of nowhere. I love being taken off guard.
  • Ted is definitely trying to make the Wedding bride two with this one.

New Jersey

  • I reserve the right to  talk bad here if in the future I don’t like what happend with Robin & Barney… I trust the show peeps and all but hated the fact that Ted started by saying it was a Wedding that went badly…

 Lingering Questions

  • Is it good or bad that Robin is the bride?
  • How are Barney & Quinn going to fall apart?
  • What’s the end game of the Ted & Victoria piece? We know (unless all the clues so far are false) the she isn’t the mother… so what are you thoughts on there this is going?
  • Will Season 8 end it? No official word yet but Carter & Craig they won’t keep that a secret once it’s for sure.
What did you think of either or both parts of the Magician’s code?