A few initial thoughts.

  1. How I Met Your Mother should have always been a 1 hour show.
  2. I have the flu, so there will be mistakes in my review. Please take that into account before beating me over the head with them Winking smile
  3. I’m psyched to get new music tonight! And what great selections!
  4. I’ve decided to do both episode reviews together, because despite the fact that it’s billed as a hone hour episode tonight it was very clearly two different episode. However, I’m sick so I’ll be treating it as one tonight.

Let’s start with Ted. The dude is the focus of the show I get that, but this season, as we have discussed before is all about Barney and Robin. Still Ted for some reason after 8 seasons still had things to get over to improve himself. The Professor was one but the other and more important one was his implied blessing by encouraging Robin to go after Barney. I suppose it didn’t have to happen that way but after what happened between Barney and Ted last time it’s best to make it Ted idea this time. And as is said in the show, without Ted, none of this is possible. At the end of the episode you really wonder if Ted thinks he did the right thing though. And I have to beg for the love of Destiny’s Child, please do not let the be the case. On another note… looking at Robin’s comment, was the future Mrs. Ted Mosby at the party?

Lily & Marshall. Not a lot happens with them again. Sure, they have great and funny parts and we get they are still dealing with the kid thing… but is that it for them in the run of things? Will we see any other major life changes before the end or are they just here for the lolz now? I’m fine if that’s the case but it’s still a valid question. I mean what else can happen here. They are parents, have family issues, had a parent die, changed jobs, apartments (several times now)..not sure there is much else for the time being except weddings and the rest of Teddy West side’s story.

Robin. Just phenomenal tonight, even made me misty at moments. The hug she and Patrice had was almost as powerful as the proposal in emotional terms. and yes for a minute you think she might just say no to Barney but as we all know well “Barney Stinson ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLWAYS gets the yes.”

Barney. A moment of silence for our friend the Playbook. Marshall and Lily may have been through a lot and all the characters have changed however no one has developed more than our friend Barney. He knows what he wants and is willing to give up what he is and knows for it. I’d also like to take this moment congratulate those of you who said this was all an elaborate play for Robin and also quote my favorite movie “the Princess Bride” by saying “ Yes you are very smart. Shut up.”

I would really love to write more but this stupid flu thing has be in pain all over so I need to let you all fill in the blanks tonight. I’d love to know what you want to discuss and loved so sound off in the comments!

Legendary Lines

Barney (silently): I beg of you in the name of almighty Destiny’s Child!  SAY MY NAME!!!!

Everyone (to Barney): Not happening Bro

Marshall: Revenge fantasies never work out the way you want them to

Daryl: I left once, i met a girl on craigslist and flew out to Boston, she was a man, and 300 lbs, and then he robbed me. Still one of the best nights of my life, until now!

Lily: I love those huge wieners

Patrice: Robin, is this really about me?
Robin: No it’s not.

Daryl: I’m the Mark Zuckerberg of jam band concert parking lot athletics

Old Ted: There’s only one person that can save you from the pit…you

Barney: If Lily wants a big wiener in her mouth, she has my number.

Ted: I keep having this nightmare that King Kong shows up to the opening but refuses to climb my building because in his ford, it’s a little derivative.

Ted: He said something like Legendary, and challenge accepted and winked….
Marshall: That does sound like him

Lily: Hurry up or I’m going to start on number 11 by myself.
Marshall: You can do that on your own?
Lily: Pilates Bitch

Marshall: I’m still team Tedward…

Lily: I just started lactating
Marshall: Me too

Lily: That kid doesn’t mean you’re special,it means you’re horny and you’re easy, now let me smell his head

Robin: Damnit Patrice (many, many times.)

Ted: A word in defense of making an ass of yourself…it underrated

Barney: Step 6, talk to doctor about possible broken ribs.

Barney: How can I ever thank you
Patrice: Can you watch my cat next week?
Barney: No

Moments of Awesomeness

  • Flashback to the Season 3 Finale, nice…even if we didn’t’ see the jinx till now
  • Peter Gallagher as professor Vinick…I kept seeing people tweet there is Sandy Cohen and I’m thinking “Who the hell is that?”
  • Seth Green as Daryl Lecort… nice Buffy reunion time
  • telepathic conversation between Marshall & Barney
  • loving Barney’s sketch pad
  • the hug between Robin and Patrice was heartbreaking.
  • Ranjit! Seriously, who doesn’t like Marshall Manesh and he sings!
  • hidden cameras everywhere.
  • The last play you will ever run… The Robin was a great play.
  • This step of the robin was crucial: Wait and see if Ted tells her. If he does, your best bro has given you his blessing

New Jersey

  • Marshall: I’m still team Tedward… (I’m entitled to love and hate references at the same time.
  • the second hour was pretty normal and slow but the big finish made up for things

Lingering Questions

  • How will Robin feel about Patrice’s part in “the Robin”? Bridesmaid status or not?
  • Be honest here, did you know it was a play or not?
  • Set Green, Peter Gallagher and Marshall Manesh all in one night? Who has been your favorite HIMYM guest star to date?
  • Seeing this now, and I know many of you love predictions… why are Barney & Robin so overly nervous on their wedding day? What happens between now and then?
  • What did you think of tonight?