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HIMYM Season 7 Music

        Secondly, Tonight we got not only a funny episode, but one that moves us down the path. What we still are guess at is where that path is going… and why in the literal hell we need to visit the Ted & Robin thing… again! If there is one that annoys me about HIMYM is when people compare it to Friends*… but if there is another it’s how many times we bring up Ted & Robin even though we know from day one that she isn’t the mother. However, this is the first time in a while I haven’t cursed at the tele when it happened. Honestly, it’s annoying, but I do get it. At least I think I do. You see to me this is a stepping stone in what Victoia and Old Ted foreshadowed in Ducky Tie. Otherwise I have no explanation for why HIMYM writers would drag us back down the Ted and Robin road… well, or they could be sadist. The question is…how long will we roll down this road?

    *quick note on my Friends comment. yea, I get the comparison & I’m sure we can more more from before Friends & more after. That’s great, bla bla, hooray. Who cares.I’ll explain more some other day but let’s just cut this short by saying it annoys me.

      I’ll take the end of this episode as well as a farewell Kevin (Kal Penn)… I suppose we could see him again. Goodbyes aren’t always final considering Trudy, Victoria & even Marshall’s dad who consistently makes returns from beyond the grave.  Kevin’s proposal, though… this is why you don’t release too much info about the new episode…Thanks to wikipedia the shock was gone for me. This is one time that SOPA would have helped… joking. SOPA would never help…though I do suggest using SOAP.

       The new face tonight is Quinn played by Becky Newton  who you may know from Ugly Betty. I feel like she is a nice (and attractive) addition to HIMYM for now, and I feel like it’s for a while since Neil Patrick Harris just tweeted this is the first of many episodes. Loved the moment at the end of the episode…and that does make it even more surprising that Barney didn’t recognize her considering her place of employment.

       Marshall & Lily had a very small part tonight…at least that’s how much I noticed them. Though the future shot of keeping score with a kid was funny and scary. this left Barney with the bulk of the funny lines. And it also brings to question… what do we really know about Barney?

      I digress, what did you think about tonight?

    Legendary Lines

    Marshall: It’s important to never keep score…

    Barney: The little engine with wood.

    Barney: I think I can get laid, I think I can get laid.

    Barney: Epic…wait for it… Dairy. no, Wait that’s not right…how do I usually say it.

    Ted: Last week I went on a date with a girl whose favorite band is Glee.

    Barney: Ted, when I was at MIT my favorite einstein quote was, God does not play dice with the universe.

    Ted: Too skanky?? It’s the Drunk Train. You crossed out all the stops and wrote Vaginaville

    Moments of Awesomeness

    • top thing things on Marshall and Lily’s wedding night. Epic.
    • Enormous Penis Syndrome… who knew the former Surgeon General had that?
    • 16 years together for Marshall & Lilly… nice
    • Experimental Drama reminded me of Lily’s off off off Broadway show.
    • Legendary! Who wouldn’t say that…Well…Epicdary is nice too.
    • Did Barney really go to M.I.T.?

    The Re-Return

    Quinn is complaining about Barney just as much as she did about him… PLUS! turns out he should recognize her since she “works” at the Lusty Leopard. And her stripper name is…. wait for it… Karma.

    Lingering Questions

    • Am I the only one who hates it when they toy with Robin & Ted still? where do you think this is going?
    • Does the drunk train exist?
    • What do we really know about Barney?
    • What did you think about Quinn? What part will she play long term? Karma?

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