himym_burning_beekeper_ted_cootes    First off, Sorry for my absence lately. Life moves pretty fast. You don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it… Great line but seriously…Life be crazy. Much thanks to my HIMYM bro( Bro-ette?) Jennifer for picking up my slack. She rocks.

    So what did you think about How I Met Your Mother tonight? I know it was kind of a one off… but it was a funny episode. And honestly, if you complain every time an episode lacks moving the story along then my bet is you might not be the happiest person. I digress.

How I Met Your Mother Music

   First off, “Bees in the Basement” is a great band name.  Also, It was good that we get to see Mickey Aldrin & Harrison Coots again. Although, Mickey isn’t my favorite he provides for some funny situations. Plus Barney is relapsing again into the old Barney we knew. Fake names, Hot Girls and one night, or in the case, afternoon stands. Plus the bit about he penis is funny.

   As far as the rest, Robin was mean, Marshall was awesome, Lily was crazy and controlling, Ted was douches and pretensions. So basically and normal episode. Past that I’ll run down some notables… room by room.

Room 1: Living Room

  • Harrison Cootes almost fights with Ted.
  • Barney love his penis. Surprise right?
  • Cheese on the Floor
  • Your Cootes is on Fire

Room 2: Dining Room

  • Crazy for Cats with Special Agent Gary Powers (Great band name btw)
  • Barney ate the vegan treats and blames Ted. Classic.

Room 3: Kitchen

  • Robin called an old lady a whore. Nice. And over a kugel?
  • Sun Tzu … Ted: That was Tim Allen in Galaxy Quest
  • Harrison Cootes gets a hobby and gets set on fire. What a great time.

Unmentioned Roomed 4… : The Basement

  • Bees!  That manage to make it back up to Rooms 1, 2 & 3….


Legendary Lines

Marshall: Tell us about the Bees

Robin: Can we heat it up in the oven?
Marshall: Faster than heating up in the refrigerator… I’ve had a few cocktails

Ted: What are you gonna do about it… Hippy

Cootes: Are you suggesting fisticuffs…

Cootes: Looks like I just started eating white meat again.
Ted: I am going to scratch you like a Wolverine.

Barney: I love my penis Robin…It’s magnificent… If I could kiss it I would…. I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t tried.

Marshall: Gouda she’s a Beauta.

Marshall: Treat me like I’m a girl scout trying to sell you cookies.

Barney: I know you got it on the internet…why does that make it impressive?

Moments of Awesomeness

  • I loved the room by room approach to story telling…the way it all played together, reminded me on Seinfeld. Damn I miss Seinfeld. Anyone catch his Superbowl commercial? No Soup for You!
  • Nicholas Cage may be in everything but he isn’t necessarily good in it.
  • Ted tries to quote Sun Tsu… maybe he should use it. In a related note
  • Robin’s a mean son of a bitch?
  • Terms I love: fisticuffs… and it was used correctly. Awesome.
  • Zabar’s kugel… what have I been missing?
  • I can see how you could confuse Sun Tzu for Galaxy Quest. That movie is amazing. What it now! I command you.

The Re-Return

Barney finishes up with “Crazy for Cats” What a needy chick… I would risk it with the bees too once she starting talking about her cat!

Lingering Questions

  • When will the distance to Marshall & Lily’s come in to play more?
  • Was Ted trying to impress Robin by getting in a fight with Cootes?
  • Did Lily get large fast? When is this chick due anyways?
  • What did you think of the Burning Beekeeper?