I should start off by stating that I am a Robin & Barney fan…and I thought more than anything I wanted them to end up together. I’m not saying that I’ve abandoned that thought but as I sit looking over LA as the sun starts to set (yes I had an awesome vacation…but I’ll get to that later..) I can’t say I’ll be upset at this point if the writers take things a different way. Now, that doesn’t mean I want them to… but we all know twists and turns are coming so why not enjoy the ride?

How I Met Your Mother Music

Writing, acting, plot and all this may have been more of my favorite episodes of the year. It had great comedy moments but was really well balanced as a serious episode as well. Even if we find out a week from now or later that Barney & Quinn’s plan was all a hoax I bought it for now. In fact that’s a great place to start. some don’t like the serious moments of HIMYM and I get that. I love comedy and drama mixed together. I know that HIMYM is generally (salute) more comedy but it’s the mix of the two in a show like this that makes it a great show and not just a great comedy. And I know a lot of you will disagree with me but that’s honestly what the comments are for. (see below boxes for writing space)

Barney and Quinn. Do you like them together? Was the marriage mention at the end a clue or a ploy to keep you looking another direction? I do think they have great chemistry and I love how “wait for it” is already worked easily into her vocabulary.  I’m really glad that she isn’t eh bossy type though it’s hard for me to put the money she conned Barney out of out of mind.  Also, not sure where else to mention this but Becky Netwon is gorgeous and even more beautiful in person than on tv. True Story.

Marshall & Lily. Not a huge roll tonight…just lots of funny stuff. Their sex story competition was hilarious though really too revealing for the rest of the gang. And the mention of a three way with Robin? That was an unexpected laugh. It’s cool to see the place changed over so fast. All moved in and furniture changed out. It’s definitely got the Lily touch now…and no swords on the wall. It’s a sad day indeed. Jason Segal always delivers well as well. His Quinn puns and timing were right on.

Ted. Ted & Robin. Barney & Ted. Ted & Ned, Martin and Milly. Ted was everything he needed to be tonight. The Bro who unwitting played into Barney’s sinister plan. The still trying to be a best friend to Robin. The story teller…(great re-return moment at the end). Do you think he can really go back to normal with Robin or will that just make things worse? We already know they don’t see each other for a while… though I hope we still get to see Robin on the show during that time… just taking a break from Ted.

Well, that’s my thoughts in a nutshell… though you may find a great use for the shell than the nut itself. What did you think of tonight?


Moments of Awesomeness

  • the Broab and the Monks Chanting “bro”…. I need a monk guy.
  • Ned, Martin & Milly, playing bongos…with a “sandwich”…. How I Met Your Mother part 2?
  • Patrice!
  • The Quinntervention! I love the return of the intervention banner.
  • The new apartment decor. It’s MArshall & Lily’s now, remember? I sometimes wonder fi they move people in and out of there just to change sets…

 Legendary Lines

Marshall: Baby, you are like 20 slutty chick all rolled into one…
Lily: Sweet Talk is not going to change my mind

Lily: It’s like the first thing you see when you jimmy open her desk drawer with the letter opener that her grandfather left her according to her diary…

Robin: Patrice is ironing my pants all wrong!

Lily: I was once with a dude that couldn’t even fantasize about a three way… he was all like ooh, she’s your best friend.
Robin: What now?

Caesar: E’tu Bro’te
Barney: And then he banged like 100 chicks and invented a salad.

Barney: And I am so angry that I am not even going to make a joke about filling her in… which I did, three times last night.

Barney: My God you are hot…
Quinn: Wait for it…

 the Re Return

Ted talks to Ned, Martin & Milly

“I think your stories are way too long… I feel bad for your future kids dude.

 Lingering Questions

  • What should we take, if anything, from Old Ted’s “And that’s the story of how we met Quinn”?
  • Do you hate moments like when Ted says that he & Robin wouldn’t see each there for a long time…but I’ll get to that? Where do you think this is going?