Tonight’s review comes from one my my favorite HIMYM friends and Barney Stinson expert, Jessica Price. You may know here as @JPriceLegendary from twitter. Enjoy and DISCUSS!

Although this episode did have a few laughs I feel it was a more of a serious episode to push the story along rather then to stretch out the season.  We saw Ted take up a few different hobbies like woodshop and pottery to try and fill the void (if you will) of Robin being gone.

I do think that the writers want us to focus more on Quinn and Barney, because even though Barney realizes he got played he couldn’t escape Karma (both the stripper and fate). Just when he thinks they’re through he runs into her in a coffee shop and they start talking (sort of a real date instead of scamming Barney for his cash). On the other storyline after she gets kicked out of Ted’s place, Robin moves in with Marshall and Lilly in the suburbs and finds out that (although they seem happy in their new home) they regret leaving the city. I thought that would be a bit of foreshadowing but I never would have guessed the ending.

Ted once again shows how great of a friend he is when he clears out the apartment & gives it to Marshall and Lilly. What became of Robin’s old room? A new room for the future baby! This episode had quiet a surprise ending and while Ted is finally letting go and moving on with his life will he be finding the mother? This episode  leaves me wondering what’s next for Barney and Quinn and Robin for that matter.


Legendary Lines

So mind blowing sex?~Ted MIND BLOWING SEX~Barney

I’m not sure how I feel about her being a stripper~Barney

“I’m the one not getting any? You’re the one smoking your own meat! Oh!” – Robin

*yawn*  It’s 8:45 time for bed~Marshall

Why can’t you ever root for love Ted!?~Barney

Do you have time to sit with me?~Quinn I don’t know, you’re wearing my watch!~Barney


Moments of Awesomeness

  • Ted’s odd hobbies to fill the empty room. The pottery wheel was an especially nice touch.
  • Robin writing in her journal like living in the suburbs was an adventure.
  • Barney realizing he is tasting his own medicine
  • Ted moving on with his life
  • Poor Patrice.

Lingering Questions

  • What’s next for Ted now that he is moving on? His house?
  • Barney and Quinn?
  • What is going to happen with Robin? Moving in with Patrice?
  • Karma for Barney?