Jenniac here filling in once again to lead our HIMYM obsessors group therapy…I mean recapping this week’s episode. Oh and for the record my train ride to NYC from where I grew up is 38 minutes

This week’s episode wasn’t just any episode it was HIMYM’s 150th episode!!! What a huge accomplishment to the creators, writers, cast and crew. I feel like HIMYM is like the little show that could.

A lot of the story was told via inner monologues. It’s good to hear what’s going on in the character’s heads outside of what Future Ted the narrator tells us.

Marshall and Lily officially move to Long Island and the group is forced to deal with it. Not much happens this episode in terms of progress in storyline, aside from Lily’s Dad moving in with them and overstaying his welcome.

The episode jumped around a bunch with single serving jokes. Not a lot to recap, but many moments of awesomeness to point out as well as legendary lines.


  • The intros – both Barney as the leader of the gang  “How I Met your Barney” and the Russian intro with Better Lily and New Marshall.
  • Early relationship chicken – great montage of Robin and Kevin as well as their use of “soooooooooooo”
  • Alyson Hannigan as Jasmine. Giving Ted a lapdance and looking vacant…classic
  •  Marshall’s journey through the house a la Blair witch camera and getting taunted by Mickey via intercom. It was funny for me at first, but then went a little over the top for me.
  •  Barney covered in boob glitter. HILARIOUS
  •  Barney talking about comforting Lily after Marshall dies…
  •  Drunk Ted – playing poker, doling out nicknames, leaving voicemails while on the stripper poll.
  •  The booth it look so sad empty at MacLaurens, but the closing shot of the gang at the booth at Marshall and Lily’s was cute.

The Re-Returns

  • The Lusty Leopard
  • Jasmine the Lily Doppelganger


  • Ted: It’s like when they cancelled Party of Five for the second time. I mean when they cancelled… sports.
  • Ted: It looks like my old shop teacher’s hand, it’s sorta missing something.
  • Barney:  Let’s declare our independence with an on the peen dance.
  • Mickey:  A lot of great memories here, mostly just discovering my body.
  • Barney: I’m your two best friends.
  • Drunk Ted: We built chip city, we built chip city on all your dough.
  • Marshall: I’m pretty sure I have a drumstick, somewhere bad.


Can we define  what a mostly abandoned insane asylum exactly?

Did anyone else catch when Kevin mentioned that him and Robin were sleeping together?  I wonder when they crossed that bridge since they hadn’t back when Robin thought she was preggers.

Wait does Robin not like high fiving Kevin or high fiving? How are she and Barney supposed to work if she doesn’t like high fives?

I saw in the comments that someone isn’t a fan of Mickey sticking around. I’m not a huge Chris Elliot fan so I’m not sure if that affects my dislike of Mickey, but at this point I’m not looking forward to more of him.

Was Lites Out Mickey’s only successful board game? What about Slap Bet? I thought that was a commercial success?

Sound off in the comments section, I love reading your thoughts!