So what do I get for complaining that How I Met Your Mother had forgot about how they did last season. Well, for that we get the emotional roller coaster that was tonight. At this point I’d love to talk about the Ted, Marshall & Lily part of the show but it was clearly the B story line…so it’s going to have to wait.

How I Met Your Mother Music

  • You Fooled Around on Your Baby by the dude on the Boat
  • Heavy Hour by Crooked Fingers  Heavy Hours - Breaks in the Armor (episode closing, when I get sad… doesn’t seem to work here)

First off, as I said in a tweet, I’ve never felt so adamantly opposed to Robin & Barney and so for Robin & Barney in the same episode ever.  How is that even possible? So many thoughts other… let me sum up with pretty bullet points that I know you love so much:

  • At first I refused to feel sorry for Robin or Barney. They cheated and deserved whatever happens to either.
  • Barney’s got to find a better reason if he really want this to work long term. Seriously, “you’re almost as screwed up as I am”… worst. reason. ever.
  • I’ve been a huge fan of Robin and Barney always but the cruise scenes as well as the opener, actually made me not want them together for the first time ever.
  • Barney actually did something mature and honest. wow, now I’m hoping that it works again.
  • The Barney & Nora scene was tough, but that had to be worse timing than Ted breaking up with Natalie on her birthday…twice.
  • Kevin’s reason for the relationship reason was so much better than Barney’s. Shit, now I’m actually rooting for Kevin a little. Unless he is using his psychological magic to stay with Robin…that’s gotta be it.
  • The bar scene and the longest second in Barney’s life. Damn, now I feel sorry for Barney.
  • to sum up…now want Robin & Barney together but not with Robin because how she hurt Barney, but he Kevin’s reason was clearly better and he may in fact be a wizard. Confused? So am I?

The concert. This was definitely some great comic relief in between the heaviness of the rest of the night. The journey for nachos was hilarious. And every time they got back in the line I spit up my drink. Well played HIMYM writers. I’m not honestly sure if I even know what the point of that was other than Marshall to eventually share he’s stressed about being a dad…but honestly, who cared about that tonight? Ted was the best I’ve seen him in a while. And the bar scene with him “sober” again in the wrong booth. Great.

Also, If one’s ability to grow facial hair directly affects one’s ability to be a good father…then I’m in trouble. Or more correctly, my future children could be.


Legendary Lines

Barney: You’re asking me to lie?…That’s….fine.

Robin: There’s a tape of us doing it?

Barney, Marshall: She (They) know!

Sandy: Or…if you’re feeling dirty then we can face Jersey.


Moments of Awesomeness

  • sandwiches.
  • Sandy’s sales pitches. In fact, Sandy is hilarious all night.
  • Normally I love the music of HIMYM…and tonight was NO exception! “You fooled around on Your Baby” was awesome!
  • The nacho line… oh my… That joke never got old.
  • The time lapse of Ted & Marshall… all two minutes. Plus Lily eating the trash nachos. Oh my.

Lingering Questions

  • Is that the end of Barney & Nora?
  • Does Kevin know about Robin & Barney, but doesn’t care?
  • What did you think about tonight?