While tonight’s episode of How I Met Your mother was great and funny, I really feel the best part’s had more to do with discoveries off then show than on. What am I talking about? If you haven’t’ seen them yet check out: stinsonbreastreduction.com & linsonbreastlawsuit.com. epic. And what’s more, there seems to be a contact email listed on both.  You should try to email both…the replies are virtually identical, but worth the few seconds it will take. I don’t want to spoil the fun so try and tell me what you think…

    Robin. Like I said, earlier it was a funny episode but it’s hard to compare to the first three this season. But there was still anticipation, like with when Robin would actually assault someone… and who? I feel like we were being pushed to believe she would assault Nora (much to some fan’s delight) but that really seemed so un-Robin what happened more made sense. On that same vein, while this episode did cover some 3rd wheel Ted, team baby and Barney, Nora & Robin ground…it was overall very Robin centric I thought. And with that, it seemed like Robin was the one telling the story overall tonight. Are we to read anything into that? Was she telling it to the kids? Was Ted telling the story of her telling the story? Is this just meant for us and not for the kids? Thoughts? I digress, thought I do agree it’s time we focus a little on Robin. And she may be a bro, but a very hot Bro…had Nora not came back, Nora would have worked in my mind.

     Kal Penn. Is that it for him? Will he be back? IT was a good roll and all but I honestly expected a bit more of him the way show peeps talk. However, most of his lines? Hilarious. And it goes without saying but Ted definitely could benefit from some therapy.

    Team Baby. Ted really is the ultimate 3rd wheel at this point in the show. And not in the good way, original HIMYM meaning of Third Wheel anymore. Marshall is easily my favorite part of the team…and funnies. Thought it’s not a team without all 3 legs of the tripod here so I’ve got to give Lily and Ted even a little credit. The baby class, btw…both hilarious and painful to watch. True Story.

    Barney. Seemingly a pawn in Robin’s story tonight, but a funny one the whole time. The external websites, the multiple BDS and the detail and thought put into each one, the gifts for Nora each day, plus a concert. Just good stuff all around. And I suppose while we are on the subject of Nora, how do you feel about her? This may be one of the first episodes where I really, didn’t care for Nora. I mean, I’ve never been against her character…unsure of her place sure. But didn’t like her, maybe I just felt that way tonight because I felt sorry for Robin.

How I Met Your Mother Music 

  • When a Man Loves a Woman (Barney’s sings for Nora in the office while Robin looks on…we can only be so lucky to get a copy of him singing the whole song btw…)


Moments of Awesomeness

  • Barney’s BDS… yep, his Bimbo Delivery Systems… so much effort, so much though, we would expect nothing less. Kind of reminded me of Barney’s Super Bowl sign during Rabbit or Duck.
  • Sandy Rivers! Sandy, now just makes me remember the fun games Marshall & Ted played at his expense in Season 1/2. He’s still the same Sandy though. Maybe not the same hair though.
  • The Barney Stinson Breast Reduction Consultation flyer. great idea and a hilarious BDS.
  • Team Baby. While I thought it was goofy at first, it’s grown on me after my 3rd viewing Winking smile
  • the ReReturn (see below)…btw the droid “Luke’s Uncle” almost bought was R5-D4.
  • Jack Fantastic… another of Barney’s aliases & BDS
  • The Baby class scenes. As I said earlier, both awesome and painful.
  • the Ducky Tie. I guess we will see a lot of this for the next year. Barney certainly is a good sport though.

Legendary Lines

Therapist (Kal Penn): Robin, many of my patients are disturbed felons. Last week one of them mailed me a bag of his feces…on the plus side, he remembered my birthday.

Marshall: It’s fascinating how profoundly little I know about vaginas

Barney: Game, enormous set, match

Ted: When do I get to be the woman

Marshall: …I’m no longer withholding sex

Therapist: You a daaaaaaaawwwwggg

Marshall: Who’s to say that two bro’s can’t rock a birthing class?

The Re-Return:

a word about the re-return… the moment after the show is technically over and you may have surfed to another channel. It’s like the bonus after the end…I named this moment after Ted’s actions in Season 1

Costumed moments (I assume Halloween)of Ted as the perfect 3rd wheel



Lingering Questions

  • Does Robin’s narration mean Ted’s wasn’t telling the story?Or was Ted telling it about Robin telling it? Are the kid’s involved or even know about it or is it just for us? Should we care?
  • More on this Later. Do you love or hate those words? Why do you think Marshall isn’t there when Lily is in Labor?
  • Will Robin break down even further?

What did you think about The Stinson Missile Crisis? We want to talk about it in the comments!