return of slutty pumpkin_canadian barney

    First off, that is not the slutty pumpkin. I dig the story line and all but didn’t we see a flash of the slutty pumpkin in "the Leap" (see below)? I know it was never really confirmed but that’s definitely what fans were thinking. Why make the change now? Could it be that a very hot star like Katie Holmes could be on HIMYM? Sorry, I thought she was great and all, but I truly believe that the show is strong enough without star casting. And honestly… that pumpkin costume isn’t even that slutty. And given how easily it is to find a "slutty" costume now, you would think they could do better.

   On the other hand, you do have to love that fate plays the cards for Ted. Or was it the Mosby? Ted loves pulling out the I love you too early, maybe it was a grand ruse after that point. And Ted needs that overall, He started as a hopless romantic and now has come back to Major Douche (salute please).
   Canadian Barney. The highlight of this story was easily the party and the Apollo Creed moment. That was a pretty excellent costume… even better than my old spice manly, man costume. I wasn’t as wild about the overall story of this moment, but the payoff was worth it. The re-return was excellent too. You have to love callback and tribute moments like this.

    Marshall & Lily meet the Burbs. Pregnancy brain has to be a thing, and dumb Lily may be my favorite Lily so far. After seeing her like this it’s like the show has constrained her this whole time…but will they move or not? Did we ever get a resolution or just introduce another element that will come back? Was it just me or did the house slightly remind you of the place from the Front Porch? Actually, maybe I think about call backs too much.

    Overall the episode was funny, it was easy to enjoy even though the stories really didn’t resolve well overall. And compared to the emotional roller coaster that was last season, you really have to wonder…where are we going here. I love the laughs but are we just filling space at some point?

How I Met Your Mother Music

Legendary Lines

Barney: Nobody cools on facebook anymore.

Slutty Pumpkin(Naomi): 10 years, That’s a slow play

Robin: Damn she dumb

Lily: Those poor ice cubes

Robin: some things just aren’t meant to be

Marshall: Is this because you tried to make waffles with a laptop this morning?


Moments of Awesomeness

  • Barney ‘s Star Wars homage
  • Marshall’s indoor bbq with proper ventilation
  • Pregnancy brain? it’s a thing…or is it.
  • Barney still rocking the Ducky Tie
  • Slouchy forskin? Dumb lily is awesome
  • 15 year old Ted back.
  • Dudley do right Barney…Apollo was a much better choice.
  • Ted’s inner monologue with the Mosby… why didn’t the Mosby work there?

The Re-Return:

Barney must confront himself Superman 3 style.

Lingering Questions

  • Was that the Slutty Pumpkin, or was it "originally" the chick from the flashback in the Leap?
  • Is this the last we will see of 15 year old Ted? Why haven’t we seen more of him sooner?

So grab the Kahlua and root beer, pour yourself  “Tootsie Roll” (song optional) and tell us what you thought of the Return of the Slutty Pumpkin!