Daddy’s home ~Barney

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This week seemed quite funny…but spinning wheels at moments. Well until the end… then we understood why. Let’s get to the talking now…

The house. It is a nice house…but have we totally forgotten that Marshall and Lily’s place is down wind of a sewage treatment plant? Think it will stick? I did love the way the apartment shrunk so much. Great job there.

Hurricane Stinson. starting a family. Ted & Barney…eh? I’ve never in my life thought about going splitzies on a kid with my best bro! Anyways, Hurricane is an awesome name. And it’s always cool to see James. He really brings something to the show when he shows up. On the other had… we had to know that the Ted 7 Barney adopting wouldn’t work out… but it had to be there for a reason. I’d say foreshadowing,  however the ending moment with Robin & Barney still seemed to take us all by surprise. Which brings us to…

Robin. Not a lot till the end. Obviously something was going on but HIMYM has yet again caught us looking and then BAM! What just happened? We go from last week, where a lot of us hated Robin after what happened with Barney to shock this week. I’ve still not had enough time to think it over. I wasn’t happy with Robin last week, but I didn’t’ hate her at all. I feel sorry for her…but I wonder whose baby it is…Barney or Kevin’s?/ I could picture it being either though since she told Barney he is my current guess. Plus think about the timing of Robin’s news:

Barney: Can you imagine me being someone’s dad?
Robin: I’m pregnant.

What does this mean for the show though? Do we need another Pregnancy? Do you trust where HIMYM is taking us?

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Moments of Awesomeness

  • Marshall’s options. Year round Haunted house or sledge hammers… awesome.
  • Weird pregnancy sex dreams…. You know.
  • Barney’s Guys. “ I have a guy guy to get me a guy and oddly enough, his name is guy.
  • Ghostbusters! Nice to see Ernie Hudson. “Who you gonna call?”
  • Hurricane Stinson. Great Baby name.
  • James! I love seeing him on HIMYM. And this is the first time we’ve seen Tom since the wedding.

Legendary Lines

Old Ted: Don’t worry, he’s gonna do something crazy.

Old Ted: And Yes, I’m gonna do something crazy too.

Ted: Bro Parents Activate!

Barney: How about Baby names
Ted: Barney….
Barney: Oh my God! That was my first choice too.

Barney: No dibs on the nanny!

Barney: A kid needs a pet cobra.

Ted: Did Guy the guy guy get you a baby guy?

Lingering Question

  • Are you still mad with Robin?
  • Will Marshall & Lily keep the house?
  • Who wouldn’t want to name their kid Hurricane?
  • What does not 1 but 2 pregnancies mean for the direction of the show?
  • Who do you think the father is?

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