Kids, Don’t drink tequila. ~Ted

The short of it is this, loved tonight and couldn’t quit laughing. Even more of these thoughts after I finish this beer, what are you drinking?

I saw a lot that I liked tonight, but no worries I won’t do this post Lionel Ritchie style. Mainly because I care more about what you all think. Sorry, I’ll stop kissing up now.

Given Barney’s choices, I’m for the Coyote & dynamite idea, and that’s 2 Roadrunner references this season. Love it. And I bet it would be a stupid idea too, but I’m completely for Robin and Lily making out. For artistic reason…if you buy that sort of thing. We should start a movement to convince the powers that be of this…by the way, I dare them.

Zoey & Ted. Just when you feel like they are fixing to end it, Ted goes all, well Ted and becomes an I Love You slut again. Maybe that makes the breakup all the more powerful and painful. But even though some of you may hate Zoey, the fact that she stuck around gave us the reappearance of the Cock-A-Mouse! Great callback btw. And it my just be me, but I’m not buying that Ted is for saving the Arcadian now.

Barney & Marshall. First of just Barney. We know his 200th happened back in Right Place Right Time in Season 4. So just two seasons later he is up 83 more? And we thought he was changing. I digress, back to Barney & Marshall. These guys were golden tonight. Easily the most entertaining part of the show. And even though they were more background it was a very entertaining background. And I loved the way whiskey brought out the father comparison conversation.

Lily & Robin. It’s good to see these two together. The search for the cocktail was excellent. I tried to drink everything as they went through it but I didn’t have any gin. And I can’t believe that Carl would kick them all out of the bar! Come on Carl! And did I mention they should make out? I double dare them…

Enough from me, what did everyone else think?

How I Met Your Mother Music

Legendary Lines

Hot Red Head: Mr. Eriksen, you’re not wearing any pants.
Marshall: Your move

Lily: I’ll have a mojito and you’ll have a no seat ho!

Ted: Look, I can handle you trying ot prevent me from fulfilling a lifelong dream, that’s just being in a relationship.

Ted: Can you get STD’s from the ghost of a prostitute?

Lily: Time is music the planets make.

Moments of Awesomeness

  • The Return of the Cock-A-Mouse! With Babies! And despite the misspelling, I called it before it happened. I brag because it may be the only HIMYM news I ever break, lol.
  • The Family Feud…and I loved Barney as Richard Dawson.
  • Tequila! I’m more of a beer man…or a scotch that’s old enough to order it’s own scotch.
  • Beat box Ted. “You had to take that away from me didn’t you?”
  • Crabs with Super Herpes? Well played Marshall Eriksen. Well played.
  • Speaking of call backs, Teddy Westside is back!

The Re-Return

Robin & Lily get their booth back, with some help from Barney’s assistant. I do wonder what was on that photo.

Lingering Questions

  • What will it take for Barney & Marshall to be past this? Perhaps the absence of Zoey? Something more?
  • What’s your favorite cocktail to drink before during or after an episode of How I Met Your Mother?
  • What was your favorite part/line/moment tonight?

… Review Over!