I’m not really talking about the tie ~Barney


It seems our wait for Season 7 is finally over. I’m not sure what everyone thought about the premiere but regardless of like or not, there were plenty of hook for the rest of the season. Let’s get down to it…

How I Met Your Mother Music

I know, I know…the show is about Ted and how he meets the mother of his kids. However, as we all know after 6 Seasons, it not just that, but that in excruciating, but hilarious detail. And judging from how season 7 begins, that seems to be the same path. Ted begins by saying how important Barney’s wedding is…but you have to ask yourself, do we also equate that with how important Robin is? I mean the entire show started with Ted meeting Robin, so in my mind he had to meet Robin in order to meet the mother.

From the very beginning of the episode, it’s pretty clear that Barney isn’t talking about the tie & is having what may or may not be pre wedding jitters. It’s really stinking tuff to guess at all this without full context. Plus the crafty writers at How I Met Your Mother just love to mess with fans.  I feel like our choices of Brides are pretty clear, at least “currently”. Either Barney is marrying Nora and wondering if not choosing Robin was a mistake or vice versa. And as of this episode* (I’m wrong on occasions), I’ve gotta say the Bride looks to be Robin. Consider this, why would the bride ask for Ted? It’s possible that Nora could be the bride and simply want to know how Barney is doing, but why not just ask Lily or someone else to check?

From the way Robin feeds Barney her true feels, despite helping him with Nora, I think this will definitely come to Barney’s attention before we see the wedding take place. The question is, does this happen and Barney decides to marry Robin or doe this happen and make Barney question his decision right before the wedding… or does this not happen at all and I’ve had too many beers tonight?

I know that I should say something about Lily & Marshall’s baby, but besides providing some funny line, I really don’t care. If I’m in the minority on this then I’ll suck it up but I don’t think I am.

On a different note, other than the colors & the ending…did anyone feel that Punchy’s wedding was that bad? I men open bar, lots of lady’s, Smosby moments… on a slightly separate note, I really thought “someone” from Ted’s past would show up in this episode… not in “the Naked Truth”… touché HIMYM.

Legendary Lines

Ted:…from the ashes of your statistically likely divorce…

Barney: Hello Cleveland the last person to screw you this hard and disappear was LeBron James.

Ted: My date for tonight is a sticky magazine
Robin: Sounds like high school again… it was right there.

Lily: In 9 month ill be pushing a pumpkin headed Erikson baby out of my hoo-ha daddy can handle a few extra cocktails.

Robin: If you have chemistry you only need one other thing – timing. But timing is a bitch.

Lily: You are drinking for two tonight.
Marshall: I will do this for the child…

Favorite Moments

  • Lots of fake outs. Just as you would see the perfect moment for Marshall to ruin Punchy’s wedding, NOPE!
  • That dance! It easily goes in my favorite HIMYM moments all all time.
  • Carl! Plus Carl the Bartender knows/knew about baby Erikson before any of their friends. Nice touch.
  • Old Ted’s reminders that this isn’t near over… while I want to know who the mother is, I hope so to.
  • Classic Shmosby. Gotta love Ted’s toasts & Autotune videos…but WHERE ARE THEY ON YOUTUBE! sorry to yell, but really?

Lingering Questions

  • The big question is obvious, Who is Barney Marrying?
  • Old Ted referenced, many times that this is no where near over. Think they are talking to anyone in particular? Think that is a message that we are going past Season 8 or just to don’t worry about it?
  • Do you buy that Barney is or is becoming a different man?
  • More HIMYM folklore, in the tradition of the pineapple, the slutty pumpkin, the goat and the green dress… I give you the ducky tie.

That’s all I’ve got the this one, what did you think?