…Something about a bridge… ~Ted


First off, the break between new episodes seemed like an eternity. Enough about me though…How did you like Oh Honey?

Katy Perry. I know casting stars like her serves a point, inviting in new fans and such. I mean I remember when there was uncertain talk about the future of HIMYM and then shortly after an appearance from another pop star, all that talk went away.  I get it, good ratings mean you get more time to tell your story, and no matter how much we bitch and moan we all love the story or we wouldn’t waste our time on it. Some of the guests we love, other we can’t wait to leave.  With that said, I had very low expectations for KP and honestly, she wasn’t bad. I felt she played the part of honey very well and was nice to look at too. While I doubt we see her again given she is another “Bla Bla” that Old Ted can’t place the name, she played into the scope of this episode really well. However, now I’m still left to wonder what the whole story was. On the good side, it seems she is going to be on LOST

Zoey. I know all of you have very mixed feelings about Zoey (Jennifer Morrison). I liked her on House and I like her now. However, the end of this episode made me really not want to write a recap. Let me explain, no there is too much…let me sum up. I’m on the record as stating that Zoey is not the mother (ref: I talk about this at the end of Natural History).  And if I could have been at the superbowl screaming from the center of the stadium that statement then I would have. However, after the closing of ‘Oh Honey’, it’s already blowing up on twitter from fans who either don’t pay attention or don’t believe it. Sure, it’s something to talk about, but more than that I’m curious on how it advances the story. And if you believe, like I do, that Zoey isn’t the mother then what is she doing here? Will she play a part in getting Ted to his best man toast we saw during Big Days?

Marshall. Even though the night ended on Ted, Marshall was still the focus in my opinion. He is still at his Mom’s house since the funeral of his father and evidentially he isn’t the only one. I thought for sure once his brother punched him, Murder Train was going to start playing. Let’s get this straight: mayonnaise aside, the Eriksen family is just cool.

Barney. Ted & Barney both have big revelations in this episode but overall the rest of the cast really seemed to stay in the background tonight. I did love the way they wove in and out of it though. Let’s mention Barney for a moment. I would say his story about tonight may have been the furthest from the truth, but we do learn from Honey that he sent his dad a letter. We kind of figured (like the Ted & Zoey hookup) that this was going to happen sometime in the future and to me it continues to signal a change that’s happening with Barney. I mean, really, he’s with freaking Katy Perry and he starts crying about his dad… that’s not the Barney I remember.

Drama. I love a lot of what Bays, Thomas and the writers are doing with the show, but this is a comedy. Anyone feel a little much drama or is is perfect in your opinion?

Moments of Awesomeness

  • Marshall’s family. I love the way they break into the conversation, eavesdrop and then help with connecting the dots.
  • I LOVE Marshall’s Loch Ness poster! I’m trying to find one to go beside my Awesomeness Poster!
  • The Captain = Colonel Mustard… and why shouldn’t he? Though I do wish Ted or Robin were there to salute.

Legendary Lines

Ted: I’d say hump her brains out, but somebody obviously already has.

Marcus (Marshall’s Brother): Would you like a hurt’s doughnut?

Barney: It’s called body language. Remember when she was touching your arm and leaning in real close? While that was happening the straw in her drink was pointing right at me.

Lily: Yeah there is no use hiding it. I hate you…b…itch

Barney: I hope I can pass this hot dog.

Barney: Bored the pants very much on her

The Re-Return

Ted’s Nosy neighbor reports to her former neighbor Marshall.

Lingering Questions

  • What will reconnecting with his father mean for Barney? Do you see a change coming?
  • What really happened tonight? I hate to say it but despite being gullible, Honey seemed to have the closest story to the truth.
  • I’m sticking with my “Zoey is not the mother” statement, but where is this relationship going? Is it significant?

That’s all I have until I hear from you, what did you think?