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    This was easily the creepiest How I Met Your Mother I’ve ever seen. However, it was pretty entertaining. It definitely wasn’t my favorite episode this season, but it wasn’t my least favorite either.

    Creepy-ful-ness…ish. I understand the premise that their significant other reminds them of one of their parents. But the visuals of that were a bit much at moments. The initial moments between Lily & here dad, Mickey, were pretty irry to watch. Maybe it’s the way I feel about Chris Elliot though. The bleed over of seeing Barney’s mom, Loretta, Kevin’s mom, Marshall’s dad Marvin, & Ted’s mom Virginia was quite humorous too. The high point for me was seeing Mickey & Marvin on the bed…I about lost it.

   The Mother. No I don’t think the girl met at the end was the mother… sure he saw his mother’s resemblance in the chick at the end but it’s just coincidence. If we see her for another episode I’ll be surprised. I bring this up only because of some tweets I saw. The problem is that while we no little in the long run about who the mother is, we have seen enough cards to pretty easily recognize who it isn’t. I step off my soap box on this one.

  Nora. Wow. Poor Nora tonight. Busted tooth. A rat. That is all.

  Cameos. I touched on it above but how cool was it to see Bill Fagerbakke and Wayne Brady tonight. Thought I wish we could have seem more of both it was nice to see them, especially since we’ve killed off Marshall’s dad at this point. And talk about James for a second, he doesn’t like Nora! Will that have some long term consequences? Plus, need I mention… Weird Al.

   Barney. It’s an odd change of events when Barney has more insight and sense about him than everyone else. While his plan was sexually motivated…you have to admit it wasn’t typical Barney overall.

   Kevin & Robin. While I don’t see it working long term, the more I see of Kevin, the more I like the dude. His sacrifice to pretend to be a Weird Al fan to make Ted happier, with the benefit of him backing off od Robin was nice. I feel like long term Kevin’s phych tendencies will be playing into some realizations for Ted & Robin…maybe even Barney.

How I Met Your Mother Music

Moment of Awesomeness

  • James! Anytime we see Wayne Brady is good. Barney could not have a cooler brother. Loved his way of “twisting his arm” to get his take on Nora…something tells me we will see him again soon.
  • Marvin & Mickey. The parent/child moments…very creepy. The moments with Marvin & Mickey together… oh so funny.
  • Ted’s phone calls for a Weird Al concert partner. Did you catch all those names? There were a couple that seemed notable… Natalie? Trudy?
  • Games.  “Chutes & Lilly’s” is an awesome game…btw, did I ever mention I made my own version of Marshgammon. Maybe it’ time to release my instruction set.

Legendary Lines

Barney: We decided to wait until she decides to let me have sex with her.

James: Barney has slept with log of other people’s moms.

Barney: I can turn this around.

Marshall: My mother is 6’3”, she buys her clothes at a drug store and prefers to trap her own dinner.

Barney: I’ve been waiting 2 months for that bowl of ice cream and tonight, I’m going to have sex with it!

Kevin: Ted’s nuts….no I mean Ted’s nuts…

Kevin: And now he’s got some tickets to some romantic concert…
Ted:...It’s Weird Al Yankovic.

Ted: No! I’m the biggest Weird Al fan.
Kevin: I know, I’m agreeing with you.


Weird Al reads a letter from a young fan, Ted Mosby and gets “inspiration” for a new song, “Like a Surgeon”.

Lingering Questions

  • Seriously, who isn’t a Weird Al fan.
  • Was I the one creeped out?
  • Do you feel like the tension is growing for the Ted/Robin/Barney to not “work out” like Victoria warned in the Ducky Tie.?
  • What did you think? I’d love to know in the comments.