If it’s a choice between mystery and history, I want mystery.
—Ted Mosby 


    I’ve been pretty sick all day…but fortunately for you when I get sick, I stop being sick and be awesome instead. True Story. However, I really am hoping that you all will pick up the the slack for me. You see normally, I mix writing this with alcohol, however tonight I’m already pretty heavily medicated, so I’ll try to keep my thoughts coherent.

    Now that my apology is out of the way, tonight was definitely one of those “stand alone” eps. Or what I might call funny filler that advances very little.  Feel free to disagree, I mean we did get more information on team baby and Kevin was around more…but I would wager that if you take this episode away, all you’ll miss is a few laughs.

     Let me back up my claim a bit.Some things I thought went poorly:

  • the yellow paint. just horrible.  I feel like this definitely slanted my view of the show…I do wonder who will try to push this with a yellow umbrella moment theory though.
  • The internet searching. I get it, it’s an information age. And that bit was a little funny. Not a lot funny….unless Janet was pulling a Lorenzo Von Matterhorn.
  • the baby. I’d like to say I’m excited and intrigued about everything that happens with ‘team baby’ however, I just don’t care. Not sure what it will take to make me care about it. But I don’t.

I hate to be negative though, so let’s get to the more positive side that we all enjoy.

How I Met Your Mother Music

  • Murder Train by The Foreskins (the HIMYM go to violence song. pure awesome.)
  • Groove Song (plays during the informational moments about Ted’s date)

Moments of Awesomeness

  • Does your dog have a facebook profile? I did love the pet info on the initial walk scene. That was a good laugh.
  • the 4th wall. Yet again this season we catch the cast breaking the 4th wall and talking to the camera. It’s definitely funny…but I wonder if there is any significance to that?
  • Murder Train. This song is always well placed and awesome. True Story
  • Robin in the Wild. Happy Birthday Son!
  • Barney’s presentation. The baby in the burlap sack was awesome.
  • Kevin & the freeze frame denial shots. I love that he was being honest with everyone. I’d love to have a list of all their diagnosis…hint.
  • It’s awesome that Barney even wears a suit to paint.
  • I love how the Mosby still makes an appearance. After 6 minutes they expect Ted to tell the girl he loves her. fun.


Legendary Lines

Marshall: Girls can play football, the Green Bay packers have been trying it for a long time

Ted: So…How was the traffic getting here?
Janet: You picked me up at my apartment
Ted: I certainly did…

Barney: Thanks Canada!

Ted: If you guys respect me as a friend you will stop looking.

Ted: I could actually hear the sound of her vagina being boarded up.

The Re-Return

Robin get’s picked up after 3 days in the wild. Good Stuff.


Lingering Questions

  • Do you thing the 4th walls we’ve seen this season are just new comedic elements the show is using or should we read something into it?
  • How long will Kevin be around? Is the fact that he is too honest with them his dooming factor?
  • Mystery or History?

What you think about Mystery vs. History? Sound off in the comments!