I was really excited about tonight’s HIMYM, and while it definitely had it’s funny moments I know a lot of us started tearing up before the end. I think the moment was inevitable though. How else are you supposed to follow up Bad News? Last Words is the kind of episode that makes you want to pick up the phone and talk to your dad, and that’s not bad at all. I mean all laughs at this point would seem like a waste and completely out of place.

I’m not sure how fan’s will feel here, but twitter seemed pretty equally divided. I both have valid points. One the one had HIMYM is a comedy and people love it for that reason. If you start putting too much sad into that recipe then not only will it start to taste bad but you will probably piss a lot of people off. On the other hand (foot, shoe..whatever), a lot of fans feel that episodes like this and Bad Days only make the show stronger. It’s what HIMYM has missed at times and it far better than the string of incoherent one off episodes we say in Season 5. However you choose to think of it, I’d have trouble arguing with either point.

I loved the way HIMYM tackled the absolutely awkward and difficult time of helping a friend/spouse through a funeral. It’s nice to see that sometimes you succeed, like Lily but often we fail here. Speaking of which, I really felt like we were leading to wards someone kicking Danny Strong (Trey, Marshall’s bully) in the nuts by the end of the episode. The best role had to be Robin’s as she stood in as Red from Shawshank prison, yes I noticed the reference… for bonus point does anyone know what other HIMYM carries a Shawshank reference?

For the sake of continuity, many of you may have noticed that Robin’s dad was not played by  Eric Braden like in Season 4’s Happily Ever After. I missed it originally but read after that he had dropped the role the day before shooting because it wasn’t significant enough. Whether you think he had a good point or not, it’s seems like a really douche move to me. Though I’m sure the dude is busy. There may have also been some public words between he and NPH, NPH said sorry though. On the positive note he was replaced by RoboCop villain Ray Wise.

Musically, I don’t know if you have noticed but HIMYM has been slacking off the commercial music like in previous seasons. From what I hear & can gather a lot more has been show produced, so it was nice to have the song ‘Nothing Shows’ by Keegan DeWitt. On another odd note, I don’t know if I’ve seen How I Met Your Mother starting with the Theme music/ video reel in quite some time. Did that seem out of place to anyone else?

I feel like Marshall’s conversation between his friends and God at the end, was predictable. And I think HIMYM had a tremendous cast but Alyson Hannigan can really turn on the tears. The whole closing from that point forward was excellent. I didn’t choose a side earlier, but I like the funny with emotional path that HIMYM is taking right now. I do feel like it helps add some depth to an already good show.

What did you think?

How I Met Your Mother Music

Moments of Awesomeness

  • Ted was gold tonight. While he may have failed at making Marshall laugh, it seemed like every time his mouth opened I laughed.
  • Robin, while having everything in here purse (loved the Mary Poppins reference) including Crocodile Dundee 3 (actually called Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles for you true fans out there) looked Amazing tonight.
  • I personally like the emotional back and forth of this episode, I could use a little bigger laugh at the end but still.
  • The giant Ericksen family is always entertaining.
  • All of Marshall Ericksen Sr’s last words were hilarious. Especially, “plane food is ass.”
  • Anyone else want to play “Tax Evasion” even though were probably aren’t in the 6-10 age range.

Legendary Lines

Robin: Be cool nerds!

Ted: Cigarettes … Alcohol … Are these firecrackers? My God, Robin, you somehow crammed Tijuana into your purse!

Lily: Robin gave me a little orange pill from her purse, I don’t know what’s in it but things are pretty smooth right now!

Ted: You’re like Mary Poppins if her magic purse was also filled with drugs.

Barney: She said Judy Duty
Robin: Really guys, at a funeral?

Ted: Not all of us share your sense of decorum, drug dealer from a 1980s Afterschool Special.

Ted: This video is entitled ‘Little league coach gets hit in the nuts and then vomits into a garbage can.’ I don’t want to give anything away … let’s watch!

Lingering Questions

  • Is the whole “toying with our emotions” thing a new recipe for HIMYM episodes or is is just because it’s a follow up to Bad News?
  • How soon will Barney meet his dad? I’ve already seen rumors of who it is (which I shall not repeat), but I wonder if we will keep on the emotional journey and hit it next episode or if it will be a few weeks off.