The party can’t go on forever


Seemed a bit more serious tonight…possibly full of clues? I’ll say more after I finish watching this amazing rock opera about a yogurt shop…

The opening of tonight was extremely strong. And the band spoof for the opening music was awesome. Judging from twitter (by the way, have you met me?) Truly a great idea. The bar scenes mimicking the old who’s on first routine was great…Though hard to follow. I did like the fact that they mentioned OK… that’s the club from Season 1 right? The one that the coat check girl worked in. I digress.

Let’s talk about all the clues tonight. From Ted’s infamous “ more on that later” we know there is more to come with Robin’s crush. I loved the way they used the opportunity to give us some back story on the Red boots and also show how far Ted & Robin have come since their initial relationship. 

The big cues I thought came with Barney. The obvious one comes from the closing scenes with Barney, Jerome and the lady driver in the car. I know we won’t know until later but which girl is he thinking is the right one to help him settle down?  I feel like the two obvious choices are Robin and Nora. I think for now we err towards Nora because of the recentness of how A Change of Heart ended. However, there was also a moment in tonight’s episode when one might surmise it could be Robin. Consider the small hypothetical conversation Barney was sharing with his friend. and he elaborates a little too much on his previous relationship with Robin. Nora or Robin. I’ve pretty happy to watch it happen.

I felt the closing was kind of pushed…still good but lately HIMYM has been great at closing strong. Maybe the opening just overshadowed it in awesomeness. I mean let’s be honest…Barney’s “I’m Broken” line was a huge deal. And he and Lithgow work so very well together.

That’s all I’ve got tonight. What did you think?

Legendary Lines

Barney: Anti-Awesometic

Barney (speaking hypothetically as his dad): Why don’t you marry Robin?

Marshall:  We’re all writers, most of us just don’t know our story yet

Barney: We’re a band.

Ted: Someone wants to knock boots

Moments of Awesomeness

  • Best HIMYM opening theme ever. It will be on my website soon. Truly amazing, plus they’re a band.
  • It’s always funny how Lily is such a nympho, and especially how she was excited about the open marriage while Marshall was upset.
  • Loved the club names discussion and who’s on first parody. Also check’s article called is Barney Broken? They actually transcribed it. Good stuff.
  • The red boots. While we may never know the complete origin of the pineapple it’s nice to know the full story behind Ted’s red cowboy boots…and he is still not “pulling them off”
  • I now have a new standard bet.
  • Lithgow’s Footloose joke/reference was perfect.
  • Lithgow is hilarious. That is all.

The Re-Return

Barney is on the lake with Jerome and his brother. In the words of Barney, shortly before swatting a fly… “This Sucks”

Lingering Questions

  • Like I said earlier, there seemed to be a lot of clues tonight. Do you take them more towards Robin & Barney together clues…or Robin and Barney separate?
  • We definitely see a lot of changes in Barney, where is this going you think? What’s more do you think Barney is truly “Broken”?
  • Do you think we’ll see another clue about the mother before  we see the wedding?