Readers I’m going to tell you the story of how your web guru Aaron would be lost without me. Just kidding, kinda. Once again Jenniac here to share my initial thoughts and reactions about tonight’s episode – Field Trip.

Today’s episode had individualized storylines, however it was Robin-centric. I like the focus on Robin, but I still don’t like the lack on focus on Ted (and his awkward facial hair). Robin was back in therapy with Kevin (the fabulous Kal Penn), but spoiler alert he had to lie and say he was moving because he found her attractive. They run into each other at a diner where Kevin is wearing an unfortunately t-shirt/ hoodie/blazer combination and a romance blossoms with it’s fair share of bumps along the way.

Ted’s Field Trip. SNOOZEFEST.  I find myself caring less and less about Ted. I don’t like not caring about Ted. He’s just so boring and sad and lame these days. However I was discussion Ted with my friend Sara and how it’s hard to feel bad for him because we know he (most likely) ends up with the life of his life and his dream family. All of that isn’t certain – feel free to create conspiracy theories.

Barney and Nora. Barney’s concern about Nora’s age and hatred of Ewoks. As someone who has never seen any of the Star Wars films I have no opinion on Ewoks. However I did enjoy Rolf in Space Balls does that count?

Marshall (and Lily…barely). Marshall’s job is not what he though it would be. He still wants to fight the good fight for the environment regardless of what his boss Garrison Kootz wants. Sidenote: Martin Short as Garrison Kootz is Brilliant – PERIOD.

Legendary Lines

  • Marshall: Corporate earth rapists
  • Marshall: Baddest mother nature lover around
  • Barney: It’s like watching The Breakfast Club on TBS
  • Marshall: No one takes an intro class to get on any other path, but the path to not being hung over anymore. I learned that in my intro to something-ology class.
  • Barney: Beiber, Lights.
  • Barney: It’s one thing to pretend to be a shrink and bang your patients, that’s normal, but or do it for real. A little creepy bro.
  • Barney: Who wants 5 bucks? Pollstered!
  • Kevin: It’s Cripsin Glover creepy.
  • Garrison Kootz: …and we sue the big guys for just enough money for some cake before the unfiltered rays of the sun fry us like chalupas and our lungs fill up with salt water AND WE ALL DIE.
  • Barney: And for 37 you are keeping it TOIGHT!
  • Barney: You’re 29, you still have 1 good year left!
  • Marshall: Floundering….a little fish humor for you guys.

Favorite Moments

  • Robin and Kevin’s breakfasts at the diner aka making googly eyes “at the coffee maker”
  • Marshall’s “cheerful” story
  • Marshall towering over everyone at his firm, especially Garrison Kootz and then sinking down to his level so Kootz could put his arm around him
  • Barney’s packed getaway suitcase
  • Barney’s slideshow elaborate and detailed powerpoint on Ewoks including: Historical Timeline, Solar System, Home Planet,  Endor Topography, Vital Statistics, Reproduction, Anatomy, Wonklings, Evolution, Recreation, Weapons & Tools, Clothing, Diet, Tribal Identification,  Styles (Hair), Language, and finally Ewok Appreciation and the Ewok Line.
  • Pollster of Ted’s class to solve every debate Ted and Barney have had
  • All the cakes at Marshall’s firm
  • Robin as Kevin’s therapist and him owing her two hours of vulnerability.
  • Garrison Kootz telling Marshall about his survival bunker with canned good, assault rifles and all 5 seasons of Friday Night Lights.
  • Baby Erickson’s sonogram!!!
  • More of Marshall’s charts and terrible fish jokes.
  • Marshall and Garrison Kootz destiny to save the planet.


Flashback to the original Stand and Deliver Jacob James Olmos/Edward James Olmos debate.  – I’m not familiar with this movie either, but the correct actor is Edward James Olmos.

Lingering Questions

  •  What is with all of Robin’s hideous silk blouses? The purple one in the opening scene and the especially tragic beige one with the white collar and pockets at McLarens. She better be careful or I might mistake her for Lesbian Robin.
  • When is Ted gonna make like Stella (not his ex Stella) and get his groove back?
  • Do the writer’s not want us to BUY Barney and Nora? I was sorta Team Nora and I just don’t see it with them.

Sound off in the comments below – I love to hear what you all think!