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Sorry all, I had to work late tonight but my good friend Jenn is going to fill in tonight. I did get to watch “Ducky Tie” just now and loved it. I’m anxious to see what everyone else thinks… I give you the Amazing Jenn:

Hey folks, Jenn here, but some of you may know me from the Lusty Leopard as Jenniac, recapping tonight’s episode of Ducky Tie. Was it just me or was this the longest week ever? I guess maybe I felt spoiled having two new episodes back to back last week and then having to wait ‘til tonight. However the wait was worth it. I spent all week thinking about what having Victoria back meant and how Carter said this was one of his favorite episodes ever (Carter said it on the HIMYM Podcast – I suggest you all check them out).  I knew going in that Victoria wasn’t going to be the mother, I wish she could have actually been in the running – however the writers have told us things about the mother that made it being Victoria impossible.
The two main storylines tonight (well 3 if you count each of Lily’s breast’s individually) are the Duck Breast Bet (clever I know) and the return of Victoria.

I’m glad the Ducky Tie folklore was revealed quickly from last week, I think the writers need to be careful not to open more stories than they can reasonably close. I know that if we get to the series finale one day and I still don’t see a final slap or something I’ll be pissed.  I love all the bets between the gang and the terms are always fantastic. I’m sure that Barney plotted this for years (just liked with the exploding meatball sub), however he plans yet again got foiled, however he did get to at least see Lily’s boobs before officially losing the bet. Barney’s agony in wearing the same tie for a year should prove to be interesting – it also proves that the flashforward to the Xíng háishì bùxíngl game will be within the year of Barney’s tie wearing.
I loved every scene between Ted and Victoria. Their chemistry and dialogue was great. I wonder how long it took them to nail down the Claus/Class conversation – however long it was worth it because it was brilliant. I’m glad that Ted and Victoria got closure, but I was so sad to see Victoria go. They just seem to really “get” each other which is something I’ve missed with all of Ted’s other girlfriends (including Robin).  Maybe it’s because Ted and Victoria took the time to know each other’s souls before doing the horizontal cha-cha, just sayin’. It seems that Victoria will be the first of a few ghosts (or slutty pumpkins) from Ted’s past to help him get back on track to meeting the mother.


Legendary Lines

  • Barney: Duck, duck, gross. Hashtag burn, Hashtag duck tie slams,  hashtag stinson rocks or @broslife would say : duck, duck, gross #burn #ducktieslams #stinsonrocks.
  • Ted: You make it sound like I dated a series of Stieg Larsson novels.
  • Lily: I’m in that sweet spot where the chestal area knows I’m pregnant, but hasn’t told the downstairs neighbors.
  • Marshall: I’m sorry pal, but he party in my wife’s sweater is a private event and I’m the bouncer.
  • Robin: Dude I think they’s the bouncers.
  • Marshall: Let the dinnertainment begin!
  • Barney: Hashtag burn, hashtag your tie is still dumb  #hashtag REFILL!
  • Ted: I don’t know it sounds pretty intimate. – after Victoria tells him about her engagement and how he should go (I loved how quick Ted was with that response)
  • Robin: Yeah it stays with ya, his email reminders don’t help.
  • Victoria: I let you come wash my dishes. I said my oven needed cleaning. I invited you into a porno.
  • Ted: Just tell me the kind of coin. (FILTHY)


Favorite Moments

  • The gang guesses which girl from Ted’s past he ran into. What a nice little stroll down memory lane that was along with a bunch of other callbacks throughout the episode.
  • Robin’s account of Ted running into Victoria with old timey music
  • Shinjitsu sneezing cues and Marshall’s realization of Barney’s subliminal mind control.
  • Re-return of the Bangity Bang song.
  • Lily and Barney boob bet terms negotiation.
  • Lily’s realization that Barney is hustling them.
  • Robin talking through all the steps Barney would needed to have taken to hustle them.
  • Flashback of the bounce house Barney had in Marshall and Lily’s apartment.
  • The cat Mai Tai cups at Shinjitsu.
  • Ted licking the dishes – I loved how juvenile it was!
  • The drumroll between Victoria and Ted until they went and ruined it by actually kissing.
  • Ted’s back to everyone in the alley and his commentary and questions.
  • Barney in the duck tie and Robin throwing food at Barney’s tie to feed the ducks.


Lingering Questions

  • What is a fried rice beating heart?
  • Why do they keep trying to make Lily’s “sonovabeetch” a thing?
  • Why did Robin keep changing the subject back to the Ted/Victoria story? Did she want Ted and Victoria to be together so should wouldn’t have to think about her and Ted anymore?
  • Is Robin the real reason why Ted and Victoria as well as all of his other relationships haven’t worked?
  • When are Ted, Barney and Robin going to realize that their situation doesn’t work?

What’d you guys think about Ducky Tie? Sound off below in the comments section!