Well, Life is ridiculous Lily! ~Marshall

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How I Met YOur Mother Music

  • Hey by the Pixies (closing song during the cab ride and that “thing” that almost and then did happen) Hey - Wave of Mutilation - Best of Pixies

   A Barney Adventure movie needs to happen. True Story. In fact, I wish all of his "stories" were animated like that. Definitely a great opening. And it didn’t stop there! This was definitely one of the strongest episodes of the year, and definitely in a while. But that’s not what you all care about… you came to talk about the final scenes, am I right? Don’t worry, we’ll get to that, but there was a little more to this episode before we dive in to the end.

    First off, I feel the need to push the argument that Lily and Marshall cheated… it’s funny, but I’m still not sure why Barney is wearing it! And we did know the slap was coming thanks to twitter and slapbetcountdown.com. The amazing thing to me is that just when you think that we actually know something about the show, HIMYM writers come up with a crafty way to take it further! 4 more slaps! No wait, 3! No wait 2! Just when you think a piece is wrapping up…gotta love it though! Now if we could just find a way to find out about the damn pineapple!

   The perfect storm…how do you feel about using a real life even to solidify the timeline? I’m kind of a fan of made up reality personally, but I’ll play along. It does make it fit in I suppose. Just seemed kind of strange. I digress.

   Robin’s daddy issues. It’s definitely a point of development for Robin. I mean we’ve seen Barney change who he is a lot all ready. You’ve got toe believe that Robin is going to go through some stuff this year too. We’ve already seen a lot of her emotion come out. Now if we could just see Ted develop a set of male testicles and stop being a douche.

   Kevin & Nora. I know a lot of people have a love/hate relationship with these two. I get it. But you’ve got to admin, Kevin is a pretty stinking good psychologist to diagnose Berney’s motives so quickly… either that or a detective. Not a lot of Nora to see tonight, but we definitely see some implications coming soon. Will she find out? Will Kevin? Which bring us too…

    Now to the main event. Barney & Robin. What did you think? Do you find it believable? Does just this change anything? It definitely doesn’t prove anything…I mean we’ve known since The Best Man that Barney was struggling with his marriage decision. And the “ties” in question have always been thought to be Nora & Robin. This still doesn’t give us the answer to who is in what place. Just that we haven’t seen Robin, or Nora in reference to the wedding yet.  Don’t get me wrong. I love the thought of Barney & Robin together a lot, however if I think end game, do I really want Robin to be the bride or Nora. I say that because I don’t feel the wedding will be event free, if you catch my drift.  

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Legendary Lines

Barney: True Story

Robin: You’re a tropical Depression

Lily: So for two weeks he was basically a really clingy Edgar Allen Poe

Everyone: So boogie boarding

Barney: Two cheeks, no waiting

Barney: Your training is complete! I’m so proud of this kid!

Barney: I think I need to go back home and re-evaluate how I make life decisions…

Moments of Awesomeness

  • Barney’s giant TV is back! Finally!
  • Marshall tempting fate. classic.
  • Pink boots are easier to spot from a rescue chopper. Though, not pulling them off.
  • Slap! ( s )!
  • The bear attack became priceless after awhile…. and plausible. The Bear could totally happen. Right? Be afraid!
  • Kevin is a damn good therapist. "Therapisted" should not be a thing.
  • "that other thing that almost happened" and did … laying the groundwork I tell ya

Lingering Questions

  • Would you watch a show of just Barney’s “adventures”? I would…True Story. Speaking of which I’d pay money for a CSI parody moment. (much like the old HIMYM commercial)
  • Considering the slaps that have been added, do we really know anything concrete about How I Met Your Mother?
  • We love the significance of the color yellow…Any significance to Robin’s yellow coat? Was it a “hint” to tonight’s event?
  • Will Kevin & Nora find out? Did more happen off camera? What do you think this means long term?
  • Love it? Hate it? What did you think of tonight? Sound off in the comments below!

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