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How I Met Your Mother Music

If you are like me then you loved tonight’s How I Met Your Mother. And wow is there a lot to talk about…though we’ve got all the way till Season 7 to do so! Read more after you get your free gallon of soup!

I did feel like they were trying to piss most fan’s off with the slight resurface of Zoey but hopefully that is done for.

Lily & Marshall. First off, If I remember the callback to Subway Wars correctly, Lily only thought she could speak conductor correctly…so it seems off that she can do so well now. Past that, I felt like the Pregnancy things was a given the moment she first hurled chunks. I felt like a lot of people on twitter called it as well. But I feel like it could be a good time to explore this chapter of LAME. I mean the trying to get pregnant stuff gave us a few laugh and also kept us distracted while they punched us in the gut with the death of Mr. Eriksen. I’m sure pregnant Lily will give us good laughs too…or could it bring us more grief?

Ted. This dude really seems like a B story in his own story. And that’s ok because we love the characters and seeing how it all relates to the day Ted meets her. And now we know it’s at Barney & ????’s wedding. I’m glad he got to push the button. It’s a big deal for him to succeed, and like his friends, Ted’s had a crappy and crazy year. Good thing he has friends like Barney & Robin to help him from doing something extremely stupid, like getting back with Zoey.

    Robin. Just a simple though/question. Tell me what you think this face means:HIMYM_Challenge_Accepted_Robin

… is it: What have I done?  Do I still love him? Did I make a mistake? Will he be happy?

Barney & Robin. These two just make a great team together. Whether they are the wedding couple or not I feel like they make a good team. The relationship before didn’t have a lot of depth, but Barney has grown a lot…I still feel like Robin has some journey to go on. But I think it still has a chance. And their cab conversation with Ranjit (woo hoo), totally double meaning. It could not be more clear they were talking about each other.

Barney & Nora. Here is the issue. I like them together two. She made Barney face some hard truths. And the simple fact that she didn’t’ slap him and run off, I thought shows good chances for them. The “It’s never too late” line, complete double meaning. IT’s never too late for Barney to try again and it’s never too late for sundresses. Sorry, I just really like sundresses.

That’s all I’ve got for this Season. Keep stopping by in the summer as I take another look at Season 1! As for Challenge Accepted, What did you think?

Moments of Awesomeness

  • New Rule: New Is Always Better…also Barney’s oldest rule…maybe?
  • Hallo! Ranjit! I always love it when Marshall Manesh is on the show, even briefly.
  • Dave Foley! Anyone remember Kids in the Hall?
  • Velocoraptor Sound Lily. Awesome.
  • Double meaning…it’s like when people talk about someone else but they really mean to be talking about themselves. What does it mean?
  • Sandwiches…How come the hipster kid didn’t ask them to buy sandwiches instead of pot? Sorry, if I’m Mr. Continuity tonight
  • Robin & Barney to the rescue. Thank God they showed up when they did! I couldn’t take much more of the Zoed relationship. Plus I love Robin & Barney as a team.
  • The mother phych out was great. Obvious…but great.
  • Barney’s Wedding! Well that answered one part of the wedding question answered. Now for the other part, game of guess who anyone?


Legendary Lines

Ted: Do you know how many people it takes to change 50,000 lightbulbs?
Barney: Are these people Irish, Polish, blondes? What are we dealing with?

Marshall: Can I borrow an adult diaper?

Robin: You were the only boyfriend I ever motorboated

Robin: Man, I wish we had gotten to Brooklyn sooner
Hipster Guy: I know right? Ever since the Trader Joe’s opened up, Brooklyn’s been like..whatever.

Robin: You can’t just run back to the past because it’s familiar.

Nora: It’s never too late
Barney: Challenge Accepted

Lingering Questions

  • Is that finally the end of Zoey (like we were promised) or will we see here again?
  • How do you feel about a baby on HIMYM? Good? Bad? Will we even see the kid before the end of the show?
  • Robin or Nora? We can divide this into two questions…which do you like better for Barney & which do you think will be his bride?
  • What did you think the the Season 6 Finale!?