So first off, I love Frank Lloyd Write, but I also wanted to be an architect. Much like Marshall however, I compromised on some things and now. Not an architect…I digress.

    What did you think of tonight? A lot was funny, a lot was true and it seems we did get quite a few future questions that need answers. We do see that Lily will eventually get pregnant, though it’s way off in the future. All we know for sure is that there is another “The Goat” sort of episode coming where Ted wears a green dress to the bar after she gets pregnant.

    Secondly, and probably more importantly. In much the same fashion as the Goat (see ep 3.17:The Goat & 4.24: The Leap), Ted as a storyteller really lost it tonight. Does this mean anything, or is it just for fun. While, some stories, and names (bla bla) will obviously get confused, one would think that major details will be kept straight, right? I only say this becasue I seem to see more and more with this “Is Zoey the mother thing…and she isn’t. Unless of course Old Ted says did I say she was in the class and I saw her foot in that room? Did I say I met her at that wedding when actually I’ve known her for a while?… Just saying, does it mean anything?

   Again I digress. I like where this season is going so far. So check my favorites below and let me know what you think too!


Legendary Lines

Ted: Well if I can’t share her lipstick there’s really no point in going

Robin: Right, Marsh Madness
Marshall: You got it, Robocop

Marshall: Did we bet on this?
Barney: Let’s say yes.

Old Ted: I’ll never remember this story. I’m sorry for wasting your time.

Marshall: I mean right now you’re bald and leathery and covered in a thick layer of blubber…
Robin: Am I blushing?
Marshall: But at some point my stupid male brain will transform you into a foxy fish babe singing Part of your world to my pants..

Moments of Awesomeness

  • The Captain Poster Game. I want a poster of the Captain
  • The Mermaid Theory. I know it’s the premise of the episode but it’s completely true. Beer can definitely b a quicker route though.
  • Pirate/Sailor Barney is awesome. Seriously, how funny was that.

The Re-Return

Sailor/pirate Barney & Marshall still wait to find land. Then fopirate-Barney begins to look like a mermaid to Capt. Marshall.

Barney: What are you lookin at?
Marshall: Dude, we need to find land.

Lingering Questions

  • What do you think comes first: Death of Corporate Marshall (see Natural History) or Ted in the green dress?
  • We know they are setting up Zoey & Ted for the Mermaid moment, thanks to the ticking at the episode end, however when will people realize that Zoey may be a fling or a step but not the mother! Discuss.
  • It’s been discussed before but does Old Ted playing the forgetful storyteller have any significance?

80s Tees Legendary.