His wife is a 500 year old relic that hasn’t been struck since W.S. Gilbert hit it at the London premiere of ‘The Mikado’ in 1885. ~Marshall

Ted Quartet

I don’t know if it says less of me or more of you, but it seems the less I talk the more you all use your words in the comment section. So I’ll try to keep this short so we can see if the trend continues.


  • Tell Me Why by From From - Tell Me Why - Tell Me Why (first bar scene)
  • One Spring Away by From From - One Spring Away - One Spring Away (plays during Ted’s picture of Marissa Heller)
  • Constance Fry (or Aura Lee) preformed by the Ted Mosby Quartet
  • We All Belong by Dr. Dog Dr. Dog - We All Belong - We All Belong (closing Bar Scene)

Moments of Awesomeness

  • They love games don’t they. Guess what’s in my hand? Left. Wrong Game…plus the CLUE reference: Mrs. Lily in living room with a candle stick.
  • Ted’s doppelganger. Only 1 more to go now, but looks like a baby may follow.
  • Barney’s conditions.
  • Ted gets married..or is found alone in his apartment devoured by his cats… but he is a dog person!
  • Even Robin is flaking on her professionalism on the show. Loved the on air phone call.
  • Robots vs. Wrestlers… did you know it’s actually real? Well Kinda: check this
  • Douchepcoclypse, including Will Shortz, Peter Bogdanovich, Arianna Huffington and many more. excellent use of guest stars.
  • Lily’s British Marissa Heller impression
  • Ted’s skills at that party, while quite douchey and pretentious, were quite impressive. Wonder if Future Ted is embellishing a bit? Still Douch Ted is no match for drunk Ted.

Mexican Wrestler Ted_HIMYM

Legendary Lines

Barney: Stinson Out

Robin: I have plans with Don on Saturday.
Lily: I’ll assume we’re talking about food otherwise I have some follow up questions.

Barney: 4. No breast feeding in front of me. 5. Forget #4, you can whip em out anytime you want.

Barney: You can re-apply in 2 years

Marshall: Dude, what is it with you and my wife’s boobs tonight?
Barney: Hey, I don’t make the rules!

The Re-Return

Peter Bogdanovich saying Willem Dafoe over and over in the elevator.

party Ted_HIMYM

The Wrap-Up

   Tonight was funny. A lot of Ted tonight, I like Ted, good thing becasue it’s his story. His story telling is always interesting to me. Sometimes, it’s intentionally misleading, sometimes Ted forgets, sometimes he leaves things out. One example from tonight is Ted’s party skills. While impressive do you really think he is that good with wine and Latin?  More importantly though, what about what isn’t mentioned about Robin? I may be assuming but at the beginning of the episode she said if she and Don were going to work then she couldn’t be around especially with 2 of her ex’s present. Then at the end, walks in Robin. Are we to take it that they are no more or did she just compromise her earlier view? I fell it’s just set up for the season finale, but maybe not.

   Secondly, when do you think we will see Barney’s doppelganger? I can’t see HIMYM having kids to deal with on the seat so I feel like there will be a lot more to it when Lily & Marshall decide to have a child but this isn’t the first time this season that having a baby has been mentioned in relation to them (the first being in Last Cigarette Ever).

    So over all I liked it, I could say more but I want to let everyone else talk. So, what did you think of Robots vs. Wrestlers?