What a great episode of HIMYM. Natural History had the perfect mix of what makes this show awesome. And it’s a very nice recovery from last week’s Canning Randy. And from what twitter was saying last night HIMYM fans agreed (if you haven’t then start following @bawesomeinstead now!). Btw, if you would like a more in depth recap check our @MeredithJJacobs run down of tonight.

Three main story lines, Barney & Robin’s “Do Not Touch” challenge, Marshall & Lilly’s Corporate/College argument and Ted, Zoey & the Captain in a web of lies and deciept… actually I don’t think anyone is sure what’s going on there. Some people scream Mother, I doubt she is the mom but I know Jennifer Morrison is around in at least the on  screen nemesis for a bit, I’m just trusting that HIMYM is going somewhere with it. Still the look in her eyes during the dance and her move to erase the tape after Ted showed some dignity hints at something slightly more serious.

The big revelation of the night had to be the reveal of Barney’s father. I realize that I should always use the word “potential” with How I Met Your Mother reveals, but he seems pretty certain of it in the final scene with Robin. I really do feel like we are ramping up for a more mature version of a Barney/ Robin relationship, possibly even a wedding.  Still there seems to be a lot of emotional depth to what’s been happening with Barney this season, and it’s a lot more than just Awesomeness and cool posters.

Possibly another big shake up was the Re-Return Moment when we see that Corporate Marshall will soon be extinct. That and Old Ted’s famous “but more on that later” to let us know something’s coming up.

All in all Natural History was an excellent episode. So what did everyone else think?


Moments of Awesomeness

  • Galactic President Superstar McAwesomeville, well and “the Captain”…
  • I love the more confident confrontational Ted. But Ted having some  dignity, I like that Ted too.
  • Scooter! I love the callbacks. The prom night picture was nice.
  • Ted’s Architecture fun facts. This one actually played into the show. Still, these always make me smile.
  • Want a hit of this sandwich… two things. One the Lily/college Marshall conversation is probably the only thing tonight that didn’t work in my opinion. It was funny, yea..but come one. And two, it’s funny but hard for me to buy that Ted sensors “sandwiches” but talks constantly about chicks and sex.
  • Barney and Robin were Amazing tonight! I love the Do Not Touch game in the museum. Anyone wanna play?


How I Met Your Mother Music

Legendary Lines

Robin: You can’t kick a story in the nuts

Robin (to Barney while touching the statue together): Get your other hand off my ass.

Zoey: Ted, This is my husband
Ted: Yea, Old stuffs great.

Marshall: Lawyered!
Lily: That’s also a made up word!

Security Guard (about something young Barney did): That story is Legend <phone rings> hold on… dairy.

Ted: Oh my god! You have a monocle? Is this really happening? Good luck killing James Bond.

Ted: You look gross when you cry. Some people look cute, you look like a basset hound.

The Re-Return

We see Marshall working late and Artillery Author pushing him to keep going. Then, Old Ted let’s us know that the extinction of Corporate Marshall is coming.


Lingering Questions

  • So we have a good idea that Barney’s dad is Jerome Whittiker, a man that Barney thought was his uncle. Do you tin he will every pursue it? And is anyone else starting to sense that bond between Barney & Robin?
  • I’m on the record as saying Zoey is NOT the mother. Reason’s you ask?
    1. She’s not in economics class, 2. She is not the Cindy’s roommate and 3. Ted had met her before the wedding…but her role is definitely important or she wouldn’t be around so long. Where do you think they are going?
  • We know Marshall discovers the Loch Ness monster, but no clue what his job was other than still being a Lawyer. What do you think is coming with the death of Corporate Marshall?