My power was out last night so I’m getting a really late start on this. Sorry. Now that housekeeping is out of the way…


    The episode seemed pretty strong. It was also Neil Patrick Harris’ directing debut for the show. It did seems a little out of place for Marshall to be in hiding something from Lily situation but still played out really well, especially when Lily finally showed her jealous side even though she was the settler. I mean we have really never had to think of Marshall and Lily as anything other than a safe and secure relationship. That’s always been something I have loved about them. And despite tonight, it was done so well that they are still just that.

     While I love the terms and social names that come up, I’ve never really thought of Marshall and Lily in the way of the reacher and the settler. In fact, I would probably agree with Lily (despite how awesome and hot Alyson Hannigan may be) that neither settled. It’s sad but the whole settler deal makes their romance loose a little bit of the luster, maybe I just don’t like the direction they have went lately.

     We really didn’t see a lot of Neil Patrick Harris this week, probably because he was directing this week. And that’s ok, I love what Barney brings to the show but I would really hate it if EVERY episode had to be carried by him. Plus, with a pretty Barney-centric episode last week for HIMYM’s 100th it’s nice to see everyone else take some stage.

     Though it’s just me and my wife watching HIMYM usually, I still feel as though we need a drinking game to go along with it. Speaking of which, the Ted/Robin plot was great as well. I mean that’s a completely reasonable explanation of why to watch the show so early in the morning. And I do love how Ted feel that his student are always wanting to learn. I guess he throws himself into everything he does that way, always over the top. Speaking of which, I had someone tell me not to “Ted something up” the other day. Classic.

   So there you have some of my thought on the subject.  What did everyone else think? Favorite Moments, lines, etc?



Legendary Lines

Ted: I don’t even have my projector

Robin: Lily can’t find out what?
Ted: That Marshall’s gonna buy her a horse.

Robin: You are so the reacher. You’re getting her a horse.

Marshall: …and our future cat or monkey, depends on who wins the game of risk we have been playing for 3 years.

Robin:Ted, I have got a great idea
Ted: Oh, is it clean your hair out of the shower drain when you’re done? Seriously, it’s like you’re trying to carpet the tub.


Moments of Awesomeness

  • Marshall’s scream in response to the kiss.
  • Ted terms: Full on lady wood
  • Ted’s “SO FACE”… that will be happening to someone I know.
  • Barney’s drinking game with Robin… while she was asleep. That’s just classic.
  • Amanda Peet. She was great this episode. Anyone else catch when she said “For Peet’s sake”…maybe she said Pete, but I still laughed.  I know we will probably never see her again, especially after the pounding by Lily but still…this leads me to":
  • Lily’s fight scene… When she started to take off her earrings and such, you knew it was coming. Though, I was pretty disappointed that they didn’t play Murder train there.


The Re-Return

(FYI: the re-return  is the epilogue scene…a reference to s01e15, Game Night)

Ted & Class recover from the hangover with a very low key class (seems he couldn’t find gravy, his previous hangover cure, so he is using aspirin to help) and Robin drops by to thanks the class for watching… she thanks them with a bull horn…but, um.


Speaking of drinking games… anyone else have a HIMYM drinking game? I used to have one for LOST, but it got way out of hand. I would drink every time I got confused and that usually just went all downhill.