Hi. I’m Aaron. I love details. I say that because I found myself picking this one apart with clues and inconsistencies. Sorry, but I hope you enjoy. Secondly, I really need a diamond suit.  With that said, it was the last How I Met Your Mother episode of 2010.  I’ll give you all a moment to grieve in your own way…

    And we’re back. Tonight was funny. It’s nice when an episode plays into the big picture and was strong enough to stand alone. Plus, many of you will be happy there was no Zoey tonight. I leave that statement alone btw. I do feel there were a lot of good details tonight that we could all over analyze but I’ll leave those for the discussion. Past that, not a lot to say. I’ll move onto my favorites and what I noticed and then it’s all up to you.

What do you think about False Positive?


    Moments of Awesomeness

    • Love the best man call back to Season 2’s Something Borrowed. 0 for 1.
    • Anyone else wonder why Regis isn’t hosting Million Dollar heads or tails anymore? I mean Trebek rocks and all but I’m curious why he left. (see Best Burger in New York for reference)
    • Barney’s Favorite things. Oprah parody I know, but it was still funny. Plus I was wondering where L&M got matching “Barney’s Favorite Things” pull overs’.
    • I didn’t even know there was a Platinum skymall, but that’s where Barney’s diamond suit ad was. Odd.
    • Baby proofing the apartment. That was just funny.
    • I love it that Robin was saying she was going to be an Aunt. We know the group is close and Old Ted calls everyone Aunt & Uncle. Still, nice.

    Legendary Lines

    Lily: Is there a wrong way to pee on a stick?

    Ted: I know what you’re thinking, I wish I was a dude…
    Robin: I do wish you were a dude.

    Robin: That research jobs sounds hard. And I’m pretty. Really, really pretty

    Ted: You better check yourself before you Trebek yourself.

    Barney: Diamond-suited up! Hey Ted, can you spot me for the movie? I don’t like to carry that much cash.

    Lily: There’s an alien growing inside my stomach that’s going to explode out of my vagina!!

    Barney: Why do I still feel outside of awesome looking in?

    Lingering Questions

    • I’ve have to say, Ted did some very solid best man work tonight.  Let’s think back to Big Days, now who thinks the wedding might be Robin’s and not Punchy’s?
    • Did anyone else think that Sam Gibb’s church looked a lot like the Church in Big Days? I saw some difference too but the steeple and the columns look the same. Just a thought to chew on.

    The Re-Return

    Barney give and impassioned public service announcement.  A great CBS cares spoof.

    There’s no greater gift than the gift of booty. This holiday season, why not bang someone in need. ~Barney Stinson