Dibs ~ pretty much everyone tonight.


To everything there is a Season 
                                          ~ First Congregational Church Wedding sign

Big Days - header


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Moments of Awesomeness

  • Beer at church. True Story and Beer be with you.
  • Sir Walter Dibs… I really hate we missed that story.
  • Mood music and doing it music…with that said, I’ve never wanted to know the name of a song so much as the banjo song there.
  • De-erection.
  • The high six is not so lame that I won’t try it at least once.
  • Hotness Expiration Date. All women have them according to Barney. I might take issue with the timing he give it but gotta love the Bro-Cabulary.
  • Where did Ted’s blonde hair go from  the Season 5 Finale?
  • Ugly Robin… quite funny. Her sexual attempt at Ted but especially the end of Ugly Robin with the…wait for it…
  • Sundress up. I have to agree. Ladies feel free to share your sundress pictures.
  • Marshall freaking out is always funny. Marshall leaving the office was even better.
  • Does 1 in 5 guys really have an ankle fetish? Discuss.

Big Days Ugly Robin

Legendary Lines

Marshall: Beer be with you.
Ted: This is what church has been missing. Dude, you fixed church!
Marshall: You’re welcome God.

Marshall: Lily why don’t you have a baby with your butt!!!

Barney: Listen to your uncle Barney. You have no reason to beer nervous. None whatsoever. And I’m gonna tell you why in one word.
Ted: And what’s that word?
Barney: Dibs

Barney: Awww, you’re exquisite. You must let me paint you…

Ted: Cut her some slack, she just went through a break-up.
Barney: From hygiene?

Lily: A big package just arrived
Marshall: Yea it did…

Lily is Hot_ Big Days

Re-Return Moment

Marshall has a heartfelt discussion about his & Lilly’s baby making woes with, well a bunch of people on the street. And this goes without saying but, Don’t tell Lily.

The Wrap-Up

      So did you see it coming? I’ll be honest, this is one moment that fi I hadn’t read any spoilers I would be upset. I say that because I if I didn’t feel there was more to come this season then I might be disappointed.  What I do love is that the ending of Big Days finally puts to best the notion of “is she the one.” And I like the explanation too, I feel we may get some more details but basically, Ted meets his future bride, the mother, at that wedding. The umbrella comes in to play because it raining…perhaps when they leave. Viola, the yellow umbrella Ted left at Cindy’s appt, which may or may not have been the mother’s in the first place.

    The question I’ve heard floating so much is whose wedding was it. Well we know Ted is the best man and that Marshall is also a groomsmen (from the monkey suit and boutonniere). I would also assume that unless the bridesmaid dresses are really ugly that Lily is not one. I first thought that it might actually be Cindy’s since her roomy was there. I felt like the timing of “That wasn’t the day I met your mother, it was at the wedding” was a clue. However why would Marshall be in the wedding? To the same token, if it’s Barney or Robin (Barney & Robins?) then why wouldn’t Lily be in it? I’m just speculating. Who do you think?

  A few other details… I really liked tonight overall. I’ve really missed HIMYM this summer. And Lily did look quite hot tonight, right? Marshall was right to not be able to concentrate. And sundress Robin was nice too. The fact Barney was so nice once she bathed and such gives me hope for a Barney/Robin future. Who knows.

    In conclusion, New Season, funny stuff, who’s wedding, Hot Lily, Beer to you…

What did everyone else think?


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