Honestly, this was one of the funniest episodes I have seen this season. According to my wife it had a “cheese factor” that was off the charts, but that’s a big part of what made it so funny.  Ted’s storyline may have been the title story but Marshall made this one for me.  My sad feeling is that often my wife and I are a little too much like Lily and Marshall. Thought I don’t think I have made a website commemorating any visitors, perhaps for them but I digress. This episode completely played into the character of Marshall and because Jason Segel is a genius, it was hilarious. We got to see Marshall play to some of his strengths as he was emotional, musical, gullible (really, aliens at the bottom of the ocean, thought if that’s true then that’s awesome) and still completely out of the box with the website. That being mentioned, CBS throws us another great viral website complete with Marshall’s video of “It Was the Best Night Ever” (itwasthebestnightever.com).  I laughed for a few minutes solid at the photo montages. Especially the end of the cat sitting to the cat funeral bit.

  In true form, reminiscent of the Bro Code, Barney’s poem was truly entertaining. I love the associations that Barney always makes. Poems must be from the past, much like under oath means your inside a courthouse.  Plus despite Ted being the sexless innkeeper, I love seeing how he works the ladies. Ted, truly is a romantic and he always has some great opening/disarming lines. Then Ted’s rebuttal poem, the end of the sexless innkeeper, the girl to prove it all to re-enter the relationship struggles of Barney. I’m not sure it will be a definitive moment but it goes back to the whole Robin and Barney struggling to be in a relationship.

    All in all it seems like a show scripted to fit each of the characters well all wrapped into a very funny story line. Plus the whole viral site thing. Gotta love that stuff.

What did everyone else think?

 How I Met Your Mother Music:

  • a mock tribute to Eric Carmen’s All By Myself, All by Ourselves, cover produced for the show by Hayley Taylor and Keith Slettedahl of the 88-  plays as Robin and Barney long for a couple to hang with.
  • The Best Night Ever by Marshall featuring Nuno Bettencourt Marshall - Best Night Ever - Single - Best Night Ever

Legendary Lines:

Marshall: Wait, if you leave now Colonel Mustard just gets away with it.

Barney: Tweed. Textile of the eunuch.

Marshall: Good, cause I’ve got that story about Sammy Hagar and the Belgium waffle locked and loaded.

Ted: She was exhausted from being turned on

Barney: Mint on the pillow Ted, and don’t charge for the wi-fi, it seems greedy.

Barney: I swallowed my pride, and six shots of whiskey

Marshall: I guess that gouda, just walked itself right through the door, sliced itself up and arranged itself in a perfect semicircle around not 3, not 4, but 5 kinds of sturdy cheese bearing crackers.
Lily: You’re a cheese bearing cracker.

Robin: Which is funny because usually it’s the innkeeper who offers turndown service.

Moments of Awesomeness:

  • Ranjit! Plus the first time we have seem his wife.
  • itwasthebestnightever.com
  • Cat Sitting/ Cat Funeral photo montage (greatest video montage ever)
  • the call back to Ted and Robin on the steps in the Rain, now played by RoBarn and L.A.M.E.
  • Robin’s behind the back high-five.
  • 1860 style poems
  • Never sleep on the gouda
  • crembru-le-le-le-le
  • Armani sweat pants

The Re-Return:

Ted read his poem on the end of the sexless innkeeper. His proof greets Barney and asks Ted back to Bed. This all causes Barney to question, “What have I done” as he goes to brunch with Robin, Marshall and Lily.