Daddy’s Home ~ Barney Stinson


This was such a funny episode, or maybe I just enjoyed Barney’s line from above and the re-appearance of it. So many great lines, one offs and call backs. It really reminded me of so many of the really great episodes from Seasons past. I really thought everyone was at their best tonight. Lily was anti-annoying. And oh my Barney and Robin played their slightly changed characters well. Clearly, the fat guy and the old lady have never been who Robin and Barney were(are?) which could make this episode feel way out there and too far off. But I felt like it’s just Ted’s way of embellishing the facts to make a point. (Warning: Spoilers start here)

Now does this mean the Robin and Barney will never be right for each other like Ted & Robin or just a not now thing, working through the rough patch?…I take that thought a lot from Ted’s last statement. Then again , Robin does bring up the deal with Ted, but I think that more of a decoy and a red herring.

I will say it’ll will be nice to see Barney be more Barney again. One of the final scenes where “old” barney walks back in and turns the head of every hot chick in the bar, did make me cheer a bit, even though I wish they would have done more with B&R. In fact, my only criticism of this episode is how they ended B&R. Yes, you could see it coming, but still it’s like they are together and miserable, apart and happy and still cool with each other. I’ll reserve my complete judgment for now because who knows where they next few episodes will take us…just saying.

On the positive side, the Neil Young jokes were amazing. That was a great argument and needed to be done. And let’s talk about the stakeout. The Stormtrooper jokes, Ted’s porn jokes, Alan Thicke, Danger will Robinson, we needed a van, ( I could go on)…the point is it all worked so well.

I think this episode (and last) gave us some little things to look forward to. I do feel like we will see another slap sometime soon, and I take it from the re-return that we may get another Robin Sparkles moment… maybe not. But at very least I’m anxious to see where R&B end up by the end of the season. And who knows, we might even get some more mother clues.

That’s all I got, what did everyone else think?


Legendary Lines:

Barney:…Do not humanize the enemy Ted!…

Lily: Are you sure? I mean no biggie, we can just swing by the back alley and drop these off in the dumpster.
Marshall: I see six of the words you just said on this video label.

Barney (while eating wings): Sorry Ted. I’m my own wing man tonight.

Marshall: We have two alpha dogs in our relationship.
Lily: Sure we do sweetie.

Ted: Ok, now yours just quoting the video…were you in that video, were you the guy with the farmer tan?

Marshall:  Ok Barney’s ordering…five of something.

Old Ted: That was the moment we learned that relationships are hard work, but eventually everything will work out…and that was the moment we unlearned that other lesson we had just learned a few seconds earlier.

Barney: I’m not happy, I wish I was, nothing would make me happier than being happy…

Mother Music:

  • Murder Train by the Foreskins (it was composed for the show but I’m begging them to release it!) – plays during Lily’s planned fight of Barney & Robin
  • the Peter Gun Theme  by Henry Mancini – Barney walks into the bar as all the women eye him and proclaims, “Daddy’s home”
  • I also noticed a short instrumental while the plotter watch B&R from the station wagon. Getting more info!

Moments of Awesomeness:

  • Barney’s Help message recorded over “Archisexture” because he knew Ted would watch it, and let Marshall watch it too…btw, was I the only one expecting a reference to Ted Mosby the sex architect on that movie?
  • Legen, wait for it…. dsofthefall. Legends of the fall! (an no  it was not OK. LOF sucked)
  • Murder Train
  • Lily as a diabolical planner was great and their arguments… Star Wars, Old Girlfriends, Dirty Dishes and the Canadian/American War!. Well played.
  • The was Ted sensors and exaggerated the story to the kids. “They only let themselves go a little bit, but to use they seemed like this”… well that and Porn is vile and bad into his tripping story.
  • Marshall’s favorite 70’s t.v. show, The fat guy and the old lady.
  • “Catchphrase” . Probably one of my favorite moments is when Barney is talking and Robin is sitting there with her fingers in her ears saying, “Shutup, shutup,shutup,….”
  • The station wagon scene was LEGENDARY! That kid of back and forth comedy is amazing and HIMYM can do it so well, they just don’t always do it.

The Re-Return:

Alan Thicke and Robin say goodbye, and he lets’ it slip that he and Robin were also in a failed Canadian T.V. variety show, which he mentions would be quite embarrassing.