himym_alt_endingSpoiler’s are possible if you read further so feel free to continue reading but be ye warned.


First off for anyone who saw the Yahoo dude, Frank Micotero, Stella is not the mother. Frank is either kidding or an incompetent reporter. Either way, Ted made it clear several times that Stella was not the mother. In Happily Ever After, he talks about how Stella being with Tony was the end to a perfect story, just not his and that his was still out there waiting. Also in Shelter island he talks about how things could have ended differently, but didn’t…but I digress.


CBS produced a great behind the scenes video of “The Return of Stella” and after/if you watch you’ll feel much like the same as when you saw what Robin’s “I’m Pregnant” line was about in Right Place Right Time. Also Notice Jason Jones, Stella’s man Tony is in the episode as well.mother_canditate_tracy

Finally, I truly believe that the people at CBS enjoy endlessly screwing with my brain. Why you ask. Well many of you know of my favoritism for the Tracey Theory. Honestly, I know it’s just a theory. I have fun with it. If the mom’s name isn’t Tracey I will remain sane and there will be no threats of suicide. Further more, please don’t trash me because I believe that theory. It’s just annoying. Anyways… look at the credits for The season finale, “The Leap”, mysteriously in the cast list there is a Tracey, played by Christine Scott Bennett (thanks to one of my readers, Arjay for the tip). And after all as Carter Bay’s put it, “At the end of the season, we will address the title of our show”.

So since everyone else seems to be talking about possibilities, I thought I would throw that one in. Probably nothing but I hate to be left out of the party.