Let’s begin by thinking of our fake names, shall we? Got it? I can’t tell mine cause I work for SNASA, I do have a small house on the SMOON though.

the playbook_barney2          

    Tonight’s episode was pretty funny. And while, I think (or maybe I should say hope) that the writer’s haven’t finished with Robin and Barney, it appears they are trying to throw us that way…moving on. There was so many great things about this episode.  Mainly Barney tonight. You see kids, when a man is as funny, original and awesome…oh wait, I’m not old Ted. Either way, his plays and winks were hilarious. There were so many catchphrases that I can’t even count. Reminds me of last week (the rough patch) when he was in the fat suit (that most people hated) and randomly threw out the line “catchphrase” at the end of a sentence. And though I would have loved to seen the entire Lorenzo Von Matterhorn play, I thought the Scuba Diver was awesome. And I’m wondering if the playbook will make it’s self to the published world much like the Bro Code and Bro on the Go


     I think in a way they are still working on Robin and Barney though. While Barney was definitely the focus of tonight, the Robin’s career focus subplot could either play a significant part (as indicated from the last scene), be a one off later in the season, or server as a segway back into the relationship. On the record, I think the last option is a long shot, but I still think it’s an option. The best thing that came from that in my opinion was the frozen waffles bit.

    So instead of the long drawn out commentary I’ll get straight to my favorite lines, moment and such. IF you think I left something great out then there is a great place to let me know in the comments section below. Overall for me, this was a really great episode with a ton of laughs, but enough about me, what did you think?

Legendary Lines:  

Barney: Correct! Circle gets a square!

Robin: My playbook? Bro… it’s a two volume set. Right here.
Ted: It’s a great read actually.

Marshall: Lawyered…of Nature!

Marshall: In that case, frozen waffles are…frozen waffles.

Robin: I will bang your heads together like coconuts.

Barney: And it…is…on.

Ted: For those of you keeping score, the Ted Mosby works!

Mother Music:

Moments of Awesomeness:

  • Frozen waffles, the whole gag (forshadowing?) of Ted & Marshall ribbing Robin about fining “the one” was great. Frozen waffles was the best though.
  • All of Barney’s plays. And especially the wink after they work. What smorons.
  • miltswanca’s
  • Barney… period
  • I love that Barney says Al-Qaeda stole the playbook.
  • The twist ending to the Scuba diver. It was obvious where they were going, but still pretty funny to watch it play out.
  • Lorenzo Von Matterhorn…in fact wikipedia did say this until they discovered it was part of the episode:

    Lorenzo Von Matterhorn was born somewhere in Switzerland in the spring of 1974. The exact date and circumstances of his birth are unknown since he was immediately placed in a basket and tossed in a river. Young Lorenzo rode the pristine Alpine glacial melt waters for hundreds of miles until a young Milanese woman discovered the basket along the banks of the river Po. Some say it was this first early journey to Milan that fueled both his love of exploration and fashion. The woman would raise Lorenzo as her own, naming him Lorenzo after her father and giving him the surname Von Matterhorn to reflect his Swiss heritage as well as his uncommonly large penis.

    Shortly after his family moved to New York City in the late 70’s, Lorenzo began rescuing stray puppies and other cute animals. As someone who had been abandoned himself, Lorenzo recognized both the pain of loneliness as well as the power of hope. One evening, while nursing a particularly cute Cocker Spaniel back to health, Lorenzo noticed the rest of his brood howling in unison. Curious as to their abilities, he spent the next several months developing their voices and then entered them as a musical act in a local festival under the name DOG STEVENS. They took first place, and went on to become one of the most successful animal musical acts since The Beatles.

Read more: Who The Heck Is Lorenzo Von Matterhorn? Don’t Ask Wikipedia…

The Re-Return:

Like I said earlier, the ending is quite intriguing and I don’t know where it will go… Ted and Barney try to convince Robin that the love of her life will walk through the door of MacLaurens. As each guy comes in she knows they are full of it… “The ironic part” is at work she meets Don.

Robin: Damnit Marshall