Summer is slowly creeping by and wow has it been hot. I’ve been taking a short break here at beawesomeinstead.com but now I’m back and have a few fun things in store for the “summer break”. Also, I’ve read most everything and I wouldn’t consider anything spoiler-ish, just FYI.

Let’s start off with some show news

CBS has announced that the Season 5 Premier of How I Met Your Mother will air on Monday, September 21st at 8pm. Which is great news, I’m still upset that they canceled the Unit but I digress (seriously though, WTF?)

Next, the Chicago Tribune did a cool interview where Cobie Smulders and Neil Patrick Harris sat down with Gina McIntyre to talk about their on screen romance in Season 5. Also, if you didn’t catch it in the How I Met Your Mother Season 4 Finale Discussion, Alan Spinwall did a must read interview with Carter Bays.

If you are interested in watching HIMYM Season 4 anytime this summer then you will probably have to wait for it’s release on September 29th on DVD (Amazon pre-order), Blue-Ray (again Amazon preorder for those with much more cash than I) or you can download them anytime from Amazon or iTunes How I Met Your Mother - How I Met Your Mother, Season 4.

Also, Darren Barefoot made some a very clever article on hiding a pregnancy on network television, which is basically just a shout out to HIMYM. He also put together a flickr photo set of some of the most amusing instances from Alyson Hannigan and Cobie Smulders.

Plus, Neil Patrick Harris who seems to be everywhere now thanks to partly to HIMYM will reportedly be hosting the Emmy’s this year. Sadly this still, probably won’t be enough to make me want to watch them. Though just maybe we will see something as cool as his closing number at the 2009 Tonys.

A few more HIMYM/BAI related notes,

  • The How I Met Your Mother Music Page here is still in progress, I try to add a few episodes a day but it’s quite hard to be complete. I’ve actually been challenged with a few of the rave song mixes and I have to clue. Still trying to work on it but if you have any clue on some of the songs from episodes I’ve skipped over or listed as unknown then feel free to speak up. My goal is to have the most complete list anywhere.
  • The Be Awesome Instead Store, is fixing to get some new additions. In addition to the Awesomeness Poster, the Perfection Poster and the Conformity Poster, well be adding some more from Barney’s wall plus some additional sizes and versions. If the pages looks weird at any point it’s because I’m working on a slight redesign, so be patient. Perfection isn’t always made overnight.

Finally, If you are looking for some HIMYM stuff to wear this summer I have been seeing some good things from a few locations.

  • First off, I love what I’ve been seeing from the 80sTees store, HIMYM isn’t really an 80s show but I’m so glad they made the exception. Suit Up How I Met Your Mother t-shirtThe Bro Code t-shirtGoliath National Bank t-shirtSlap Bet t-shirt
  • Next I have always loved the shirts from detour designs. The coolest thing about detour is not all of the shirts are obvious and I simply love that, like the Tokyo Ichi Action News Shirt or the Puzzles Bar Shirt. Legendary.
    Slap Bet Commissioner Funny TV Humor T-Shirt1995 Slam Dunk Competition T ShirtSandcastles In The Sand TV Humor T-ShirtPuzzles Bar Funny T ShirtRespect The Bro Code Funny Humor T-ShirtCanadians Funny T Shirt Dr. X on WESU fm T ShirtMarshall Approved Best Burger Humor T-Shirt

Got any other news, suggestions? Let me know! There will be more to come shortly, hope your summer’s are going well.