The break is finally over, I mean it’s great to watch reruns and all but new content from HIMYM is what many of us have been craving.  This return did not disappoint either. I love the way they dealt with Robin and Barney, can’t wait to se where it goes in this season and in the long run.  I would hope that this episode at least put an end to the “Robin is the mother crowd” and not just because she is with Barney…but more for the other reasons. The mom was in the Economics class, not Robin. Ted mentions what Robin probably said about him during the talk, I’m reading a lot into it but you get my point. I’ll say flugelhorn on that topic for now.

    The gags with Ted and the class seemed a little obvious. Maybe I say that because I’ve seen the size of an economics class versus an Architecture class. Still it was hilarious. Ted’s 7 most humiliating minutes and his dart across the campus to Raiders March was very cool. I was really hoping given the nature of college that his humiliation in Economics would end up on youtube. Gotta love viral videos.

    Lilly’s role got a little annoying but it was totally redeeming, especially with her final line. Marshall was there all along with some great laughs. He was definitely a background character the whole time but added so much to the whole thing. I’m sure that I’ve missed some but that leave more room for you all to tell me what you liked…or not.

    Bottom line, I love How Met Your Mother. Glad the break is over.

How I Met Your Mother Music: (looking for a song from this season? try here)


Legendary Lines:

Marshall: Lily, use your inside wooo.

Barney: Robin’s more than just awe-some, she awe-quite a bit, she’s aw-hole darn lot.

Marshall: So has the boat sailed on sex tonight?

Barney: Door five. Ted were you there?

Barney: I’ll punch a baby. I don’t care.

Robin: Unless I say flugelhorn you haven’t gone to far.

Barney: Yea, I have a whip guy.

Ted: How do I pick a tie?
Barney: Remember the movie Predator…

Lily: They don’t know that they weren’t lying


Moments of Awesomeness:

  • Ted can’t spell proffessor
  • Brad’s six pack and put a “gun” to your head pick-up lines.  Good to see Joe Manganiello again.
  • Love the fist bump explosion by Robin and Barney
  • Barney’s rules for Girls. Just like Gremlins.
    1. Never Get them wet
    2. Keep them away from sunlight
    3. No food after midnight
  • Gotta love the gift to Ted. The tribute to everyone’s favorite professor. Dr. Jones. Now I wish I had a fedora.
  • Barney-isms… Headlights, Deer.
  • Flugelhorn…. now my new word for too far.
  • Nice how the writers keep teasing us with the mother stuff… the camera move to her then…no wait… love the horse and carrot routine.
  • Bacon


The Re-Return

Marshall walks into the room wearing a sweet tux to some jazz.

Marshall: Oh no! Did I not tell you guys it was tuxedo night? …… Doesn’t feel good does it?