When a show is so entertaining that you can’t even stop to write notes then you know it’s good. This was possibly one of the strongest episodes this season.  So many funny gags, it was actually hard to focus on the story with Robin’s show going on in the background. Barney being swayed to Marshall’s way of thinking about sleepwear was excellent, also the call out to the flying sequence form The Big Lebowski was cool. Barney’s jokes about the nightshirt were excellent ( Scrooge!, Willy Wonka, accessorizing…) and it was so sweet to see his how his fantasy played out in the re-return.

Despite Lily’s actions in Ted’s relationships, I think she was doing it for the right reasons. Watching her and Ted do the “A Few Good Men” scene was funny. Lily could totally play Colonel Nathan R. Jessup if they ever do a remake. The only think I didn’t like was the Ted/Robin pact at the end, because I know it’s just gonna set off the Ted & Robin will be together crowd. You think some of my theories are out there, wait till they get going. I have to diagram things just to follow. Plus I’m not wild about the possibility of playing that story line again before we see anything come of a possible Barney/Robin thing. Anyone else wonder why Barney isn’t in any of Lily’s front porch scenes?

What did you all think?

Legendary Lines :

Ted: Maybe because I’ve always been faithful to you and you’ve cheated on me like 6 times, bitch. 
Marshall: Did you say that?</ br>
Ted: Yea, I totally should have said that.

Robin: Did you at least Tivo it?

Robin: Sure we get spanked in the ratings by that Korean channel that only show Kim Jong-il riding a horse…

Barney You have no idea how to play bridge do you?
Lily: We’re gonna take a class
Marshall: It’s important to stay active



Moments of Awesomeness:

  • Barney’s Pajama Suit, despite the freedom of Marshall’s gown, the pajama suit is awesome…also, Lily watches porn?
  • Throughout the episode, and despite the 4am time, I would think it’s too early for beer. Maybe not.
  • Marshall’s Chewbacca impression
  • Robin’s show. It was even funnier that it as all happening un-noticed. The tearful cry to her friends, the man on fire, CPR of the weather guy, delivering the baby and all while on MUTE…priceless
  • Ted dumps Laura. She was great on That 70s show but she had to go.
  • Marshall’s note at the end of Lily’s note…he just had to open it


The Re-Return:

a knock at the door in the middle of the night. Barney wakes up in his nightshirt to answer the door. There, as in is dream, stands a very hot girl in a skimpy workout outfit. It’s happening!…then she notices his nightshirt (no more night suit) and she says, “Nevermind” and walks off.


Lingering Questions:

  • Do you think the front porch test will be used to measure future girls?
  • Will anything every come from Ted & Robin’s backup wedding deal?