My Thoughts:

Lily & Marshall did a great job of making me hate Karen (Laura Prepon from That ‘70s show). Hope that is the point long term but rumor has it she will be back for a few more eps. Sorry Bro was good overall. The way that it kept going back and forth between the Ted/Karen story and Marshall’s no pants story was pretty cool each using the other to try and avoid more details. Nothing more on the Robin/Barney story line but we will get more on that according to an open Q&A with Carter Bays (possible spoilers). Overall the whole show was kinds of misdirection. I mean, we start off with learning more about Robin’s new morning show (4am wow!) and then they brush right past it to not be mentioned again. Also while Marashall’s story wasn’t quite as interesting as Ted’s, his scenes carried the episode. Especially when he was dressed up for wrestling. Legendary. Also cool to see some past guest and I always love it when Wendy the Waitress (Charlene Amoia) is on the show. Everyone loves Wendy. So many great laughs in this episode. Classic How I Met Your Mother. What did everyone else think?

Legendary Lines :

Robin: So she would come visit you at school and the second you turned your back and brings back guys to your dorm room?
Barney: Respect (with fist pump)

Robin: How do you say goodbye in those situations? A kiss on the cheek is to familiar, a handshake is too formal…
Barney: and a hug is just like a public dry hump.
Marshall: I think you are hugging wrong

Marshall: In her defense I had just been to the gym.

Lily: I’m Lily and I approve the order of that list.

Karen: I love it that you guys live in a dorm…it’s so American. It’s like, let’s all eat bologna sandwiches and be racists.

Moments of Awesomeness:

  • Marshall/Lily ready for wrestling… so funny, Marshall as the Ultimate Warrior and Lily as Hacksaw Jim Duggan.
  • Marshall’s list of the Worst things in the world: #1 Super Volcano, #2 Asteroid hits the earth,  #3 All footage of Evil Knievel is lost, #4 Ted Calls Karen  #5 Lily gets eaten by a shark.
  • Marshall (see a recurring theme here?) = M.J. Smooth
  • Barney’s love for the not quite as funny as he thinks no Pants Story. What a great actor. His love for the story actually make you want to think it’s the most funny story ever.
  • The linger
  • Barney’s “hidden” How Could You! five
  • Scooter fulfils his promise to Lily and becomes a waiter (He was Ted and Karen’s waiter if you missed it)
  • Robin’s snub nose .38 police special revolver that Kurt returns and then she loses again.


B.S. – Before Stinson

4 Possible Motives to have an ex-lunch (lunch with an ex-girlfriend/boyfriend)

  1. Want to get Back Together (ex. Scooter & Lily)
  2. Wants to kill you (Wendy!!! the waitress and Barney)
  3. Actually does want to give your stuff back (Robin and Kurt)
  4. To rub your face in how well they are doing (1st grade Marshall & Nicole)


nothing I’m familiar with. Possible some small music made for the show.


What really happened:

As we begin “Sorry Bro” there is a brief look at Robin’s Morning show…which she get to at 2am, which looks to be shortly before everyone else goes to bed (aka. Last Call at MacLauren’s Pub). Since Robin’s schedule is so opposite everyone else, she need to catch up. Barney starts to go on and on about how something of a Legendary magnitude of funny happened to Marshall. Ted chimes in that his old College girlfriend, Karen, has moved back to town. This gets quite a reaction because Lily and Marshall despise Karen, and we see plenty of flashbacks why.

The conversation continually flows from this to Marshall story. Marshall was at the Company gym and it seems that he forgot his pants. Back to Ted, it seems that it was always the same story with Karen. She would come to visit and end up cheating on Ted, in Ted’s own dorm room. Leaving Ted standing at the door to find her and some other guys that always says “Sorry Bro”. Despite knowing the past and LAME’s hatred for Karen, it turns out she wants Ted to have dinner with her, thus introducing us to Barney’s 4 motives to have ex-lunch theory. Ted admits he already had dinner and much more…

The no pants story continues, when Marshall has to call Lily to bring him some new pants because he forgot his and has no backup due to a mustard spill last week. Ted won’t et off that easy though so back to Ted/Karen. What everyone thought was just diner and a kiss ends up being 3 days together. LAME are even more mad but Ted points out that Karen once walked in the room while Lily was painting nude Marshall and Karen ‘lingered’ instead of just leaving the room. Robin finds out exactly how strong her sleeping pills are when she finds out Karen had been in their apartment with Ted most of the week and she never noticed. LAME say it’s going to turn out the same was as in college, but Ted says it won’t and in fact didn’t. This time it was Ted who was the one saying “Sorry Guy” to Karen’s boyfriend as he walks in on Ted and Karen together.

Lily had dropped off Marshall’s pants but was in a hurry so she left them for Barney to give to him. Thus Barney’s excitement about Marshall’s story. Before giving Marshall the pants he made some alterations. So Marshall has a big presentation while looking like a new member of AC/DC. Ted’s story continues. He finally stands up to Karen and tells her what he wanted to all through college when she hurt him. He also tell her that he never wants to see her again and even uses the “Sorry Bro” comment towards her. He goes on to say he must have got through t her because she got over her fear of breaking up and broke up with her boyfriend.

In pops future Teds moral to the story narration…then Lily interrupts because she caught on to Ted’s slip. If he isn’t ever supposed to see her again how does he know about the breakup? Ted finally comes clean and say they are dating again, he thinks things are different this time and here she comes so be nice. Enter Karen.

HIMYM_416_sorry bro_ted_karen_bar The Re-Return:

nothing this week that I saw after the credits… so day… I was totally expecting to see more of Marshall’s story.