how i met your mother the stinsons family 


My Thoughts:

The first time I watched this episode I was really not that impressed, but once I started listing my favorite moments and quoted I realized it was a pretty funny episode. It didn’t seem to rushed and that was nice, I hate it when sitcoms try to pack in too much and have to gloss over good material. Barney was awesome, and typical Barney. It was hilarious to see the other side of him though. We already knew Marshall was a momma’s boy, but to think that Barney is one was cool. I do think that his mother’ advice will play a big part in coming episodes, if only for a back story reason. The writers hinted a bit at it with the looks he exchanged with Robin.

Good episode honestly. While Ted calls it “One of the strangest nights of their life”, it was a good one. Not your typical HIMYM episode, but lots of back story and connections from past and possibly for the future. And also, Barney always roots for the bad guy. Legendary.

Legendary Lines :

Barney: As you know my father had to leave my mom when he was a baby because he got hired as the host of the Price it Right…

Lily: Hey do you wanna go do it in Barney’s childhood bedroom again?
Barney: (sadly) My racecar bed?
Marshall: Handles great buddy.

Barney: (to Ted) This is what you’re actually like in a relationship.

Marshall: Sometimes honestly leads people to say mean things about a woman who always took special care of me be cause I was the runt of the family… For crying out loud! I’m only 6’4”!

Barney: (on Terminator)Who among us didn’t shed a tear when his little red eye went out at the end and he didn’t get to kill those people

Moments of Awesomeness:

  • Barney hiring a cute blonde to play his wife. and casting a kid to play his son. Truly legendary.
  • Barney giving Doogie Howser props. (Call me crazy but child actors were way better back in the 80’s)
  • Ted’s a theater enthusiast… and scoring Barney’s fake wife.
  • Marshall, in true character getting scared, when Tyler (Barney’s fake son) talks about the dinosaur bones coming to like and chasing him
  • However lame it is… Ted’s acting is very funny.
  • Tyler trying to kiss Robin (Sorry! Sorry!. Thought I was picking up on something.)
  • To me… I think Barney’s mother’s advice to him could play a big part in the Robin/Barney story line that I hope will be played out.
  • Lily’s fake call to Marshall’s mom.


bad decision juice (courtesy of Lily) – alcohol

rack radar (courtesy of Marshall) – knowledge of the presence of an attractive women

Yummers – maybe not vocab but NPH is quite funny pretending to be family man.


End Music: Vertigo by Anya Marina

the stinsons cab ride

What really happened:

    At the bar, everyone notices that Barney has not been his usually self lately.  Not hitting on hot girls at the bar, buying flowers, acting weird, leaving early and this leads them to suspect that he might have a girlfriend! When he leaves they follow him to a house with hideous wallpaper (seriously…wallpaper is bad enough but that stuff is UGLY). This is where everyone finds out the truth…and meets Barney’s…wait for it… mother, Loretta! (react) Also his wife, Betty, and son, Tyler, who it turns out are actually actors. Back when Barney’s mother was very sick he wanted her to die happy and think that he wouldn’t grow up like he actually is. So he hired Betty (real name Margaret) to play his wife. She went off script and said she was pregnant, so once Barney’s mom got better he had to keep up the act.

    Everyone is learning more about Barney, such as what his room is like and how he roots for Johnny Lawrence in the Karate Kid instead of Daniel-san. Also, Ted strikes up a flattering conversation with Betty and even gets acting tips. Lily and Marshall find that Loretta is very, well, forthcoming with information about her past (I was a whore. A whore dear, a dirty whore), but end up feeling that Barney should tell her the truth. Barney feels it would hurt his mom too much to find out the truth.

   The Stinson family seems quite close at a very ‘scripted’ dinner.  Though after the diner everyone walks in on Ted and Betty kissing!  barney tries to play things off but Ted decides to ad-lib his own script courtesy of his new acting advice. Lily digs her hole deeper concerning her dislike for Marshall’s mom, Robin gets hit on by a kid, and Barney finally comes clean to mom. She (Loretta) is actually relieved, seems she hates Betty and Tyler, but they were ‘family’. Barney also learns more than any child should know about their mom but also get’s some great relationship advice.  And as she does, we get a shot of Robin…coincidence or are the writers screwing with us again?

  The cab ride home is emotional, barney clearing thinking about his mom’s advice and Robin and Lily, well she is pouring out her ‘true’ feelings to Marshall’s mom. Well, actually she is on the phone with Actress Margaret (Betty) who is feeding her lines so she can get back on Marshall’s good side.

how i met your mother the_stinsons_surprise

The Re-Return:

Marshall, Lily, Robin and Ted try to understand why Barney always roots for the bad guys in movies. Barney displays a lot of logic, ex: Hans Gruber Died Hard…he was the title character. The teacher in the Breakfast Club…the only guy wearing a suit. Terminator…what’s the name of the movie?